U.S. Wind + Storage: The Business Case

by Daniel Finn-Foley

As renewable energy continues to disrupt wholesale markets, energy storage has potential to exploit volatile energy prices by buying low and selling high, allowing a wind farm to shift its energy from periods of low prices to take advantage of spikes. As a result, announcements of wind plus storage hybrid systems are ramping up as these systems become more flexible and can accommodate a wide variety of renewable generation.

However, wind energy’s less predictable output and its eligibility for the production tax credit and investment tax credit make the value proposition for paired storage less clear than it is for solar.

In this joint research note, GTM Research and MAKE highlight case studies and compare incentives to help organizations decide if there is a case to be made for wind plus storage.


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Daniel Finn-Foley Senior Analyst, Energy Storage

Dan is a Senior Analyst with the Energy Storage team at GTM Research, where he focuses on utility-scale storage application. He previously worked as a Senior Consultant with DNV GL where he focused on competitive energy markets and the intersection of emerging energy business strategies within the broader evolving technological and regulatory environment. Prior to DNV GL, Dan worked with Navigant Consulting and the Department of Energy. He has over 8 years of experience in the energy space as a researcher, consultant and analyst. Dan holds a Master’s of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering degree from the University of Massachusetts Amherst Wind Energy Center and a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics-Physics from Brown University.

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