Transformer Monitoring Markets, 2013-2020: Technologies, Forecasts and Leading Vendors

by Ben Kellison

GTM Research forecasts the annual market for transformer monitoring hardware in the U.S. to grow drastically from $113 million in 2012 to more than $755 million in 2020. Utilities across the U.S. are beginning to turn to transformer technologies to improve distribution reliability and efficiency as well as customer service and operating costs. In addition, more intelligent transformers will play a key role in enabling other smart grid applications such as power quality monitoring, closed-loop volt/VAR control, improved outage detection, and theft reduction.

FIGURE: Transformer Technology Definitions & Report Scope

Source: GTM Research

At nearly 150 pages, Transformer Monitoring Markets, 2013-2020: Technologies, Forecasts, and Leading Vendors is the first report of its kind to analyze both the technology and competitive landscape of transformer markets in the U.S. This definitive report offers technology-specific analysis to 2020 for:

  • Transformer monitors and sensors
  • Dissolved-gas analysis (DGA) monitors
  • Bushing and Partial Discharge Systems
  • Power and distribution transformer software
  • Secondary transformer software solutions
  • Geospatial analytics software solutions

The report also contains deep vendor analysis, comparison and rankings at the individual product level for many of the components listed above for power, distribution and secondary transformers.

FIGURE: Transformer Monitoring Taxonomy 2013

Source: GTM Research

Companies analyzed in the report include: ABB • Alstom Grid • Ambient • BPL Global • Cooper Power Systems • Doble Engineering • Dynamic Ratings • Echelon• Elster • General Electric • GRIDiant • GridSense • Grid 20/20 • Infosys • LumaSense • Morgan Schaffer • Qualitrol • S&C Electric • Schneider Electric • Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories • Siemens • Space-Time Insight • Ventyx

Ben Kellison Director, Grid Research

Ben is the Director of Grid Research for GTM Research, specializing in Distribution Automation, Network Management and Renewables Integration markets.

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