The U.S. Utility Demand Response Landscape: Programs, Case Studies and Economics

by Elta Kolo, Ph.D.

In response to high load growth, utilities formed demand response programs as an alternative to capital-intensive investments in 40-year generation or grid assets. However, as load growth has decreased in recent years, profit margins from demand response programs have dwindled.

Forward-looking program administrators are targeting system peaks on a temporal and locational basis through a combination of techniques, including geo-targeting, peak coincident energy-efficiency measures and demand response. Leading utilities find value in these multi-tactical programs, referred to as demand-side management, through their ability to engage customers and bring value across all levels of the grid.

Representative Value Streams for Demand Response

This 50-page report looks at how leading utilities are addressing load and capacity changes through demand response programs. An analysis of specific efforts in both commercial & industrial and residential customer segments demonstrates how value is created for end-users and utilities.

The report concludes with specific case studies, and highlights how end-user behavior influences the evolution of energy efficiency and demand response towards a more comprehensive formulation of demand-side management.rging opportunities in the energy management platform market.

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Elta Kolo, Ph.D. Research Manager, Grid Edge

Elta is a Research Manager for the Grid Edge team at GTM Research working on demand-side management in U.S. electricity markets. Prior to joining GTM, Elta pursued a joint Ph.D. funded by the European Commission on Sustainable Energy Technologies and Strategies at Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands. During her doctoral studies, she researched demand response policies for the implementation of smart grids and has presented her work at both U.S. and European conferences in addition to publishing in international scholarly journals. Elta holds a Master of Science degree in economics and management of network industries and a bachelor’s degree in economics from Union College.

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