The Smart Grid in Europe 2012-2016: Technologies, Market Forecasts and Utility Profiles

by Geert-Jan van der Zanden

The strategies for engaging electricity markets in Europe are undergoing dramatic shifts; market liberalization and utility unbundling have promoted a wave of mergers and acquisitions, as well as a crop of new electric service providers across the continent. Within these new terms of engagement, the smart grid is emerging as a major focus for regulators and an opportunity for industry players, as Europe aims to optimize its renewables growth and nascent electric vehicle (EV) charging station deployment, as well as to achieve greater efficiency at the consumer level.

By 2016, GTM Research forecasts €6.8 billion per year in smart grid investment in Europe. The market segments receiving the bulk of this investment will be Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI), Distribution Automation (DA), EVs and Utility Enterprise (IT systems). Currently, AMI is the most developed segment. GTM Research analyzes how utilities within each country are negotiating further deployment and triangulating between policy, in-house business cases and the consumer's role to enable industry growth.

Figure: European Smart Metering Hotspots: Meters Installed, Confirmed Plans & 2020 Forecast

source: GTM Research

GTM Research's industry-leading analysis on the European smart grid market is a definitive resource for the global smart grid industry. The report offers strategic insight into the key drivers and barriers for growth in the region and examines the latest investment trends, providing a forecast of the market for AMI, DA, EV integration technologies and Utility Enterprise (IT systems). The Smart Grid in Europe, 2012-2016 also analyzes and compares smart grid positioning in Europe with that of utilities in the U.S., Japan and China.

In addition, the report profiles the smart grid integration models and pilot projects of Europe's most active utilities, including:

Figure: Level of Implementation of Smart Metering by European Country

Source: GTM Research
Geert-Jan van der Zanden

Geert-Jan is a strategic consultant and environmental expert. He holds an MBA from I.E.S.E. in Spain and Amos Tuck, Dartmouth College in the U.S., along with an MSc in Environmental Management and Policy at the International Institute for industrial Environmental Economics in Sweden.

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