The Grid Edge 100: Partnerships at the Grid Edge

by Andrew Mulherkar

In the complex world of grid modernization, partnerships expand distribution channels for vendors across all grid edge markets and enable the evolution from point solutions to holistic approaches. Strong relationships among vendors are critical in meeting the needs of utilities and end users alike. In front of the meter, utilities are depending on the coordination of a wide variety of systems to balance centralized power supply with increasingly interactive demand and distributed energy resources. On the other side of the meter, end users are beginning to optimize both electricity consumption and self-generation in accord with grid requirements.

Given the vital role of partnerships in grid edge markets, partnership strategies are a key indicator of how vendors are positioning themselves to succeed in this competitive and rapidly evolving environment. Vendors are partnering to develop innovative solutions and to ensure the interoperability of new technologies. For startups, partnerships also bolster marketing presence, build credibility, and develop a potential customer base.

FIGURE: The Grid Edge 100 - Last-Mile Distribution Grid Vendor Taxonomy

Note: This taxonomy does not show cross-market players, professional services firms, or vendors focused on behind-the-meter technologies and applications. The complete Grid Edge 100 list can be found in the report. Please click image to see larger.

Source: GTM Research

This slide-based report - the second in the Grid Edge 100 series - analyzes partnership activity across and within grid edge markets, featuring companies with leading strategies. Highlights from the report include in-depth coverage of conglomerate players, illustrations of grid edge ecosystems, and a database categorizing the offerings of the Grid Edge 100.

Markets covered include:

  • AMI
  • Communications
  • Demand-Side Management
  • Distribution Automation
  • Energy Storage
  • Grid Support – EV Integration
  • Grid Support – Microgrids
  • NOC
  • Soft Grid
  • Distributed Solar PV

The Grid Edge 100: Partnerships at the Grid Edge is the second in a series of three reports scheduled for release in 2015. The series examines the trends and companies shaping the transition to a decentralized energy system. Each report focuses on one facet of building a successful grid edge company, from financing to partnerships to deployments. The number of vendors under consideration will increase as each subsequent report in the series is published, culminating in a list of leading companies: the “Grid Edge 100.” To learn more about the report series and package discounts, please contact Tate Ishimuro at

Andrew Mulherkar Senior Analyst, Grid Edge

Andrew is a senior grid analyst at GTM Research, where he has authored research on venture investment, grid modernization, demand-side management and unregulated utility service offerings. His coverage spans across a variety of technologies and services that enable end users to manage energy consumption and costs, with a particular focus on the non-residential market. Prior to joining the analyst team, Andrew worked on digital marketing for Greentech Media's online team. Andrew formerly worked for Climate Corps, a corporate energy efficiency program within the Environmental Defense Fund, and the Green Project at NDN, a think tank and advocacy organization. He graduated summa cum laude from Tufts University with a B.A. in International Relations.

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