The Grid Edge 100: M&A and VC at the Grid Edge


From the customer to the control center, the electric power industry is undergoing a transformation. Opportunities for growth at the grid edge are driving investment into innovative companies to commercialize advanced networking, distribution automation, distributed generation, energy storage, and energy control and management solutions. These solutions will increase the reliability, resiliency, and efficiency of the energy system while giving customers control of their energy use.

Understanding emerging trends in venture capital (VC), private equity (PE), corporate investment, mergers and acquisitions provides a window into the current and future state of the various grid edge submarkets, empowering market participants to make informed decisions and ensure prominent positions in the decentralized energy system of the future.

FIGURE: Grid Edge VC and PE Investment, 2010-2014

Source: GTM Research

Note: Chart data available in full report

With more than 400 venture capital deals, 175 acquisitions, and 400 companies tracked, this slide-based report provides a comprehensive view of activity in the various technology-specific markets that make up the grid edge industry. The database used as the basis for the report includes M&A, VC and PE deals announced internationally from January 2010 to December 2014, and also includes select project financing, public offerings and grant funding.

Markets covered include:

  • Advanced metering infrastructure (AMI)
  • Communications (for AMI and other applications)
  • Demand-side management
  • Distribution automation
  • Energy storage and fuel cells
  • Grid support
  • Network operations center (NOC)
  • Data analytics (soft grid)
  • Utility-financed distributed solar
  • Cybersecurity

The Grid Edge 100: M&A and VC at the Grid Edge is the first in a series of three reports scheduled for release in 2015. The series examines the trends and companies shaping the transition to a decentralized energy system. Each report focuses on one facet of building a successful grid edge company, from financing to partnerships to deployments. The number of vendors under consideration will increase as each subsequent report in the series is published, culminating in a list of leading companies: the “Grid Edge 100.” To learn more about the upcoming reports and package discounts, please contact Tate Ishimuro at

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