The German Energy Storage Market 2016-2021: The Next Energy Transition

by Brett Simon

With a high base of installed renewables, a supportive policy structure, and innovative local companies, Germany is well positioned to be a leader in the global energy storage market. Other storage markets can derive lessons from the German model, while the German market itself offers substantial opportunities for players across the energy storage value chain.

German Energy Storage Market Outlook, MW

Note: Chart data is available in the full report

This new slide-based report covers the German energy storage market, focusing on drivers, trends, policy and unique aspects of this market. The analysis culminates in a market outlook, projecting how Germany’s energy storage market will develop through 2021. The report explores market characteristics, policy and Germany’s growing VPP space to offer a clear picture of why Germany will continue to be a strong market for energy storage on both sides of the meter.

Brett Simon Senior Analyst, Energy Storage

Brett Simon is a senior energy storage analyst at GTM Research, focusing on the U.S. behind-the-meter energy storage market. He leads GTM Research’s quarterly U.S. storage market report, The U.S. Energy Storage Monitor, published in collaboration with the Energy Storage Association. Prior to joining GTM, Brett earned a Master of Science degree in sustainable systems at the University of Michigan School of Natural Resources and Environment. He first became interested in energy storage systems and their potential to revolutionize the energy sector through his coursework and master's project. Brett also holds a bachelor’s degree in mathematics and environmental studies from New York University.

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