The Future of Lithium-Ion Batteries: Demand, Technologies and Investments

by Mitalee Gupta, Ravi Manghani

Though annual demand for lithium-ion batteries is poised to grow by more than threefold for EVs and ninefold for energy storage by 2022, battery prices will hugely impact their actual uptake in the market. As demand grows, battery manufacturers are working toward future battery price reductions by ramping up battery production, improving battery energy density and developing successful recycling technology for recovering valuable metals and closing the lithium-ion battery supply loop.

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Mitalee Gupta Analyst, Energy Storage

Mitalee Gupta is an energy storage analyst at GTM Research, where she focuses on supply chain analysis of the global storage market. Prior to joining GTM, Mitalee worked with Utah Clean Energy, on energy storage, electric vehicles and energy efficiency policy and rate design issues in the southwest region. She has also worked with United Nations Development Programme in the past. Mitalee has a Masters of Environmental Management from Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies, and pursued her Bachelors in Environmental Engineering from Delhi, India.

Ravi Manghani Director, Energy Storage

Ravi is the Director of Energy Storage at GTM Research, where he focuses on global energy storage markets and value chain analysis. As an industry expert, Ravi has been quoted in various publications including New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, Forbes, Bloomberg, Christian Science Monitor, Wired, and Verge.

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