The Enterprise Smart Grid and a Corporate Buyer’s Guide for Energy Management Software

by Paul Baier

Enterprise managers increasingly recognize the business need to more proactively manage their energy consumption. Their energy costs are increasing, their constituents are pressing them to act, and they’ve realized there is no quick fix—the solution requires improved management processes and technology.

Groom Energy's research with companies, vendors, consultants, and utility managers concludes that to solve this problem companies need to implement their own energy network, analogous to the utility smart grid, which delivers a management system they can use for this purpose. This report names this market opportunity for energy network solutions the Enterprise Smart Grid (ESG).

Source: Groom Energy

As an integration of several technologies, the vendor landscape includes a broad range of products, with our current list having already identified over 300 relevant companies. The categories include following vendor categories: building management systems, utility bill payment, carbon management, energy management, demand response, industrial controls, sub-meters and more.

The 82-page report includes over 40 profiles of leading ESG players across each vendor category. Profiled companies include IBM, GE Intelligent Platforms, SAP, Siemens, Schneider Electric, Johnson Controls and many more.

Readers of this report will gain the following:

  • For Corporate Energy Managers, Directors of Facilities or Operations, Plant Managers, and Directors of Sustainability or EHS, the report will save hundreds of hours researching vendors and sorting through confusing and competing vendor claims.
  • For Vendors and Investors, the report is the most thorough vendor landscape report on the market and will help companies refine their marketing messages and partnering efforts.
  • For Utilities, the report identifies leading vendors and application energy efficiency applications as support to energy efficiency programs and custom utility rebates.

This report was authored by and is published in conjunction with Groom Energy.

Paul Baier

Mr. Baier is Vice President of Sustainability Consulting at Groom Energy Solutions, which provides sustainability consulting, engineering, and installation of renewable and energy efficiency solutions for such corporations as Budweiser, General Electric, Ocean Spray, Raytheon, and Thermo Fisher Scientific. His background includes senior executive roles in enterprise software and with management consulting firms. Mr. Baier earned an MBA from Harvard Business School and a B.A. in Economics from Kenyon College.

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