The Emergence of Meter Data Management (MDM): A Smart Grid Information Strategy Report


MDM strategies are evolving and are influenced by smart grid vision, goals and objectives.  These factors drive business requirements that, in turn, define the types of data that need to be collected, where it needs to go, and the format it needs to be in to make it usable.  An organization with a coherent MDM platform strategy will be better equipped to take advantage of their smart grid capabilities and make informed technology choices down the road.

The Emergence of Meter Data Management (MDM): A Smart Grid Information Strategy Report analyzes the best plans for MDM deployment and presents technology drivers and inhibitors as MDM strives toward significant growth along side the rollout of smart meters and AMI infrastructure in the United States.

MDM Smart Grid Networking Architecture

MDM Smart Grid Networking Architecture

Source: GTM Research

One of the initial hurdles to MDM's breakthrough has been identifying the technology's role and value to utilities. GTM Research's report begins by presenting a definitive taxonomy of MDM's core components-- data repositories, enterprise integration platforms and enhanced smart meter functionality.

The report then pinpoints MDM market opportunity and forecasts the current market to grow by over 300% from $54 million in 2009 to $221 million by 2014. In addition, GTM Research profiles and ranks the top MDM vendors vying for this market, including Aclara, Ecologic Analytics, EnergyICT, eMeter, Hansen Technologies, Itron, NorthStar Utilities Solutions, Oracle, OSIsoft, SAP MDUS and Telvent.

Selection from MDM Vendor Rankings

Source: GTM Research

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