The Australian Energy Storage Market: Downstream Drivers and Opportunities

by Brett Simon

Australia’s energy storage market is poised for massive growth. As battery prices continue their rapid decline, storage will become more attractive to end customers, especially in the residential sector. This presents an opportunity for a large addressable market for storage system vendors and developers. GTM Research anticipates Australia’s energy storage market will reach 244 megawatts of annual installed capacity by 2020.

Energy Storage Forecast by Segment, 2013-2020E

This slide-based report provides lessons for storage markets worldwide by exploring Australia’s burgeoning energy storage space through key trends, market players, channel strategies, policies and forecasts.

States covered include:

Australian Capital Territory | New South Wales | Northern Territory | Queensland | South Australia | Tasmania | Victoria | Western Australia

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Brett Simon Senior Analyst, Energy Storage

Brett Simon is a senior energy storage analyst at GTM Research, focusing on the U.S. behind-the-meter energy storage market. He leads GTM Research’s quarterly U.S. storage market report, The U.S. Energy Storage Monitor, published in collaboration with the Energy Storage Association. Prior to joining GTM, Brett earned a Master of Science degree in sustainable systems at the University of Michigan School of Natural Resources and Environment. He first became interested in energy storage systems and their potential to revolutionize the energy sector through his coursework and master's project. Brett also holds a bachelor’s degree in mathematics and environmental studies from New York University.

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