Tesla Model 3: Does It Signal an Electric Car Revolution?

by Wood Mackenzie

Joshua Castaneda, Principal Analyst | Arebise Deng, Research Analyst | Chad Singleton, Principal Analyst | Prajit Ghosh, Research Director | Linda Giesecke, Research Director

With as much publicity as electric cars have garnered since Tesla’s unveiling of its Model 3, there is no dearth of skeptics and believers. This Wood Mackenzie report, published by GTM Research, looks at the Model 3, its impact on the greater electric vehicle market, and what widespread EV adoption could mean for the oil and power sectors. It attempts to answer the big question: Is the Model 3 truly a disruptive force, signaling a possible electric car revolution?

Sector Impacts of EV Adoption (Base Case)

This report provides detailed insight into the unveiling of Tesla’s Model 3 and the broader implications of electric car saturation in the US transport sector. It assesses the impact electric vehicles will have on U.S. power and oil demand, delves into the supply chain for key EV components, and provides an analysis on carbon emission reductions.

Wood Mackenzie

Wood Mackenzie, GTM Research's parent company, is a global leader in commercial intelligence for the energy, metals and mining industries that provides objective analysis and advice on assets, companies and markets.

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