Solar PV Balance of System (BOS): Technologies and Markets

by Manhal Aboudi

As prices for PV modules and inverters decline, attention from developers and EPCs will increasingly be placed on a project's balance-of-system (BOS) costs. Historically, innovation in the BOS space has been somewhat limited, given its smaller share of the total system. However, BOS costs will represent more than half of total project costs by 2012, and many BOS players are beginning to integrate their offerings into full-service component packages and positioning for greater share in the market via meaningful economic gains.

GTM Research forecasts BOS costs to decline roughly 29 cents/watt (US$) from 2010 to 2013, and this report presents detailed BOS cost roadmaps by technology (c-Si, thin film) and mounting type for structures, foundations, labor, civil works, cables, engineering and inverters.

Source: GTM Research

In addition, this report features installation forecasts and market sizing for fixed and mounting structures by country and explores the current trends pursued by the key players in the BOS market, providing notes on more than 50 companies active in the BOS space. 

Figure: BOS Cost Comparison, c-Si vs. CdTe

Source: GTM Research
Manhal Aboudi Analyst-at-Large

Manhal Aboudi is a solar PV consultant, focusing on the industry's major cost, technology, and market dynamics.

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