Smart Grid HAN Strategy Report 2011: Technologies, Market Forecast and Leading Players


The Home Area Network (HAN) market, which began with a simple Wi-Fi router for networked computing, is now emerging within the greater Smart Grid sector to serve the home with energy management and digital application solutions.  The implications of the this scaling market, and its Home Energy Management (HEM) sub-market, for homeowners, utilities and Smart Grid vendors are profound, as utilities seek a means to implement demand-side management programs and Smart Grid players vie for early-stage positioning in what will become a $750 million market by 2015.  This is especially true in light of the need for utilities deploying smart meter and advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) technology to deliver tangible benefits to residential markets.

With the industry’s competitive strategies continuing to evolve, GTM Research expects market positioning and strategic alliances to be the main focus for the dozens of new companies in the home energy and automation space.  We predict vendors serving the HEM market (displays, gateways, plug strips, etc.) to be locked in a competitive struggle over the coming years, with a massive industry shakeout inevitable.  Further, GTM Research identifies the market’s greatest opportunities in providing value-added services to utilities, including conservation, demand-side management, enterprise software and integrating homes to become distributed energy resources for the utility grid.

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Source: GTM Research

This industry-leading report offers forecasts for six market sub-segments through 2015 and profiles more than 40 companies pursuing these markets, ranging from Fortune 100's to newly-funded startups. In addition, GTM Research examines the industry’s key standards, competitive strategies, and emerging opportunities for leveraging home control technologies to integrate homes with the emerging smart grid, as well as the utility business case for direct investment in the home.

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