Smart and AC PV Modules 2015 - 2020


Smart and AC modules with integrated power electronics have long been viewed as a natural evolution for the microinverter and DC optimizer market. However, the MLPE landscape has been dominated by just a few players – Enphase Energy and SolarEdge Technologies – that have focused primarily on standalone architectures. Vendors of module-integrated power electronics – Tigo Energy, Maxim Integrated, and SolarBridge Technologies prior to its acquisition by SunPower – have largely played second fiddle.

However, the global PV market is hungry for solutions that simplify installation, eliminate redundancy, and lower overall costs. Smart and AC modules can accomplish each of these objectives. Additionally, microinverters and DC optimizers will be the fastest growing inverter segment over the next five years as a result of falling costs and increasing system safety requirements. As a result, GTM Research forecasts the market for smart and AC Modules to grow steadily from 73.3 MW in 2014 to 1.01 GW by 2020.

Currently Marketed Integrated Module Partnerships

This slide-based report breaks down the value propositions and market barriers for smart and AC modules, details the complex module and MLPE vendor ecosystem, provides product pricing trends, and forecasts the market through 2020.

Global Smart and AC PV Module Base-Case Forecast, 2014-2020E

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