PV Technology, Performance and Cost, 2007 Update

by Paul Maycock, Travis Bradford

PV Technology, Performance and Cost established itself in 2006 as the solar industry's benchmark for detailed, reliable market data, drawing on the experience and data collection of the industry's two top analysts, Travis Bradford and Paul Maycock. Over 60 pages, this update for 2007 to the original report will provide the reader with a complete record of the PV Industry's growth by application, technology, and region, with forecasts out to 2015.

The report details the stages of production and costs (including projects through 2015) for:

  • Monocrystalline PV
  • Multicrystalline PV
  • Silicon Ribbon and Sheet
  • Amorphous Silicon
  • CIGS
  • CdTe
  • Concentrator Cells

Important data and analysis within this report includes:

  • Cell Production (MW) and percentage growth rates 1996 to 2006
  • World PV Production 2006, by Technology and Region
  • World PV Market by Application
  • World PV Market 2006, by Country and Region
  • Price of Contract Polysilicon – 2003 to 2007
  • Timing of Additions to Polysilicon Production – 2005 to 2010
  • Projected Polysilicon Production Capacity – 2005 to 2010
  • Market Share of Polysilicon Producers – 2005 to 2010
  • Geographic Breakdown of Polysilicon Production– 2005 to 2010
  • Summary of Wafer Line Costs at 100 MW per year
  • Summary of Cell Line Costs at 100 MW per year
  • Global Thin Film Production – 2006
  • Embedded Capex for 100 MW Module Production
  • Cost Components for fully integrated wafer-to-module 100 MW Production Line

Module Manufacturing Costs and Profitable Price Forecast (2006 U.S.$)
The data used to develop these projections are underpinned by the authors' substantial experience in designing, engineering, and deploying PV manufacturing systems and understanding the evolving cost factors over the last four decades. It has been supplemented by current input from many industry professionals and companies that research and produce PV components and manufacturing equipment. As part of this year's update, this report also includes a discussion of the silicon feedstock issues that plague the PV industry today.

Paul Maycock Consultant

Paul Maycock has been the President of Photovoltaic Energy Systems, Inc. since 1981. PVES performs strategic planning, prospectus improvement, due diligence, market research, team development, manufacturing cost analysis, and technical information in the field of photovoltaic energy conversion. Paul was Editor of PVNews from 1982 through 2006, and is now Editor Emeritus. He also publishes industry reports: World PV Markets and Photovoltaic Technology, Performance, and Cost, and Photovoltaics: A Critical Analysis. Paul’s books include: Guide to The Photovoltaic Revolution (Brickhouse, 1979), Photovoltaics, Sunlight to Electricity in One Step (Rodale 1985) and America Challenged, Photovoltaics in Japan  (PV Energy Systems, Inc. 1985).

Travis Bradford Consultant, President of the Prometheus Institute

Travis Bradford is one of the world’s leading experts on innovative energy technologies, markets, and economics.

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