PV Module Oversupply: What Happened and How Long Will It Last?

by Jade Jones

Despite massive PV demand growth in 2016, the module market fell into heavy oversupply. This brief explores what happened in 2016 and the dynamics determining the supply-demand balance for the next few years.

This brief is part of GTM Research’s PV Module Supply Chain Service. To learn more or schedule a demo, please contact solarsubscription@gtmresearch.com.

Jade Jones Senior Analyst, Solar

Jade Jones is a Senior Solar Analyst with GTM Research covering the global solar supply market. Jade aggregates and analyzes technology and pricing data within the solar manufacturing sector which informs both research and consulting. Prior to GTM, she has held several positions providing insight into the key relationships, business models and technology trends that are shaping the cleantech sector. Jade has a BS in electrical engineering from the University of California, Santa Barbara.

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