North American Municipal Utility Smart Grid Deployment Survey 2011

by GTM Research

GTM Research, provided a keynote address at the inaugural Municipal Smart Grid Summit (MSGS) held in Bonita Springs, FL in July 2011. In addition to supporting the conference as keynote speakers, GTM Research surveyed the nearly 100 municipal utility executives in attendance about their current and future smart grid deployment plans. The full collection of survey data can be downloaded at no cost by clicking here.

In addition to the much larger in size, but far fewer in number IOUs (investor-owned utilities), the roughly 2,000 municipal utilities throughout the U.S. represent a growing opportunity for smart grid hardware and software vendors. Though these deployments, in most cases, are significantly smaller, a growing number of smart grid vendors are looking at the muni market as an area of opportunity in light of factors such as different regulatory requirements and, often times, the presence of more advanced communications networks to build upon.

Though GTM Research does not view the installation of smart meters as equaling the creation of a true smart grid, it is usually the first step to be taken on the path toward smart grid deployment. The chart below shows when those surveyed expect to see smart meters reach a majority of their electric customers.

Figure: When will Smart Meters Reach the Majority of your Customers?

Source: GTM Research / MSGS


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