North American Microgrids 2014: The Evolution of Localized Energy Optimization

by GTM Research

Microgrids are among the most promising tools of modern distribution networks due to their versatility. Once fully customized to the electricity and heating needs of a specific end user, they can simultaneously deliver enhanced reliability, energy and cost efficiency as well as environmental benefits. Microgrids for critical infrastructure (schools, hospitals, universities, wastewater treatment plants, etc.), mainly in cities and small communities, will grow fastest by project number within the next five years, driven by CHP incentives and State resiliency programs along the East Coast, while military microgrids will add significant additional capacity to the current microgrid landscape.

FIGURE: Top Microgrid States by Capacity (MW) and Installation Number

Source: GTM Research

This new report provides an in-depth analysis of the current and future North American microgrid market, including a 149-project database of operational and planned microgrids, including capacities, technologies, investments and vendors. The report also includes a forecast through 2017 and competitive positioning of key vendors, as well as market drivers and barriers that shape the current and emerging microgrid landscape. It explores trends and costs across different microgrid market segments and delves into key projects and case-specific challenges and opportunities.

The report covers:

  • Microgrid definition and evolution
  • Market drivers and barriers
  • North American microgrid deployments
  • Key microgrid customers and use cases
  • Microgrid technologies and vendors
  • Costs and benefits
  • Microgrid market capacity and value forecast



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