Making Sense of Ultra-Low Solar Bids: How Low Can Tendered Prices Go?

by Benjamin Attia

As competitive tendering programs have proliferated globally, they have been used as both market scale-up engines and market capping mechanisms, and have driven prices down dramatically in both cases. Price declines have been led by markets with regularly-cadenced, transparent, and predictable tender programs, because they offer stability, allow developers to plan up the supply chain, and increase the level of participation and

This brief provides an overview of how bids have fallen this far and how low they may still go, as well as predictions for the evolving global competitive procurement landscape. It is included as part of our Global Downstream Solar Service. To learn more, please contact

Benjamin Attia Analyst, Solar

Benjamin Attia is an Analyst with GTM Research’s Global Demand team, providing data analysis and forecasts, market research, and bespoke strategy consulting and advisory to key stakeholders in on-grid and off-grid solar markets in emerging economies in Southeast Asia, India, and Sub-Saharan Africa. He holds a Master of Energy & Environmental Policy and a B.S. in Economics and Energy & Environmental Policy from the University of Delaware.

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