Inform - GTM’s Ranking of the “Who’s Who” of Commercial Solar

by Michelle Davis

GTM Research has aggregated data from the top EPCs, project developers, asset owners, and other leading companies in the U.S. commercial solar market. The resulting ranking shows the biggest players in today’s downstream U.S. commercial solar industry. These 15 companies were involved in half of all commercial solar capacity installed in 2017, regardless of their participation along the value chain. Note that some of the capacity in the rankings could overlap – projects owned by one company could be developed by another company.

Companies included:

Ameresco | Borrego | Coldwell Solar | EnterSolar | Geronimo Energy | Greenskies |  Nexamp |  NextEra Energy |  NRG | REC Solar |  SoCore Energy |  SunPower | Tesla | WGL | Wunder Capital

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Michelle Davis Senior Analyst, Solar

Michelle Davis is a senior solar analyst at GTM Research with a focus on the downstream US distributed solar market. She tracks the competitive landscape of installers, financiers and technology providers in the residential and commercial market segments. Prior to joining GTM Research, Michelle held various research positions focused on renewable energy, covering topics as varied as the energy water nexus to utility investments in electric vehicle charging stations. She has a BS in Biology from Arizona State University and is currently pursuing an MBA from Antioch University with a focus on sustainability.

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