Inform - CEC Mandates All New Residential Construction to Have Rooftop Solar in 2020

by Austin Perea

This Inform covers the May 9, 2018 California Energy Commission approval of a proposal mandating that all new low-rise residential buildings (including multi-family homes) meeting solar access requirements shall be constructed with a PV system beginning in 2020.

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Austin Perea Senior Analyst, Solar

Austin is a senior analyst for GTM Research covering downstream demand for the U.S. solar market. Prior to joining GTM Research, Austin worked at The Boston Consulting Group, where he supported the energy practice as a research associate. During his undergraduate tenure at the University of New Hampshire, he spent time in Egypt and Jordan researching the potential for Islamic microfinance in poverty alleviation and established the first sustainable investment sector in the University's student-run investment group. He graduated summa cum laude with a B.A. in Economics and Political Science and a minor in Middle Eastern Studies.

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