Research Note - New Approaches to Demand-Side Management

by Andrew Mulherkar, Elta Kolo

The traditional concept of utility demand-side management (DSM) programs is broadening. GTM Research has analyzed the evolving approaches to DSM, which are leveraging new applications, technologies and services. The DSM domain is increasingly committed to the proliferation of distributed energy resources as opportunities are presented for end users, distribution utilities, system operators and third parties.

Selected Demand-Side Management Vendors

This research note was provided to Council members at GTM Research's latest Grid Edge Executive Council meeting.

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Andrew Mulherkar Senior Analyst, Grid Edge

Andrew is a senior grid analyst at GTM Research, where he has authored research on venture investment, grid modernization, demand-side management and unregulated utility service offerings. His coverage spans across a variety of technologies and services that enable end users to manage energy consumption and costs, with a particular focus on the non-residential market. Prior to joining the analyst team, Andrew worked on digital marketing for Greentech Media's online team. Andrew formerly worked for Climate Corps, a corporate energy efficiency program within the Environmental Defense Fund, and the Green Project at NDN, a think tank and advocacy organization. He graduated summa cum laude from Tufts University with a B.A. in International Relations.

Elta Kolo Analyst, Grid Edge

Elta is a Grid Edge Analyst at GTM Research working on demand-side management in U.S. electricity markets. Prior to joining GTM, Elta pursued a joint PhD funded by the European Commission on Sustainable Energy Technologies and Strategies at Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands. During her PhD she researched demand response policies for the implementation of smart grids, and has presented her work at both U.S. and European conferences in addition to publishing in international scholarly journals. Elta holds an MSc in Economics and Management of Network Industries from Spain and France and a BA in Economics from Union College (NY).

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