Grid-Scale Energy Storage Balance of Systems 2015-2020: Architectures, Costs and Players

by Luis Ortiz

The value chain and vendor ecosystem for storage projects is ripe for new entrants from other renewable power industries, both in project development and BOS component supply.

Solar PV balance of system (BOS) costs have followed a learning curve, which has benefited storage projects by having an established ecosystem of best practices resulting in manageable BOS costs. Storage projects have experienced diminishing returns in BOS cost reductions (by $/kW magnitude) because they have piggybacked on solar’s progress, but the learning curve dynamics of percentage declines should still hold true for storage. GTM Research predicts that the next five years should see a 40% decline in storage BOS costs to values lower than $400/kW. During this time, the price difference between storage and PV inverters should also compress.

BOS $/kW Hard and Soft Costs

This slide-based report provides an in-depth overview of energy storage BOS, including coverage of grid-scale storage, prototypical cost structure, AC to AC costs, lifetime project cost considerations, BOS suppliers and market forecasts.

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Luis Ortiz Consultant

Luis is currently an independent consultant to the renewable energy, battery and metals industry. Luis was most recently Executive VP and CTO of Solar Grid Storage (SGS). SGS was recently acquired by SunEdison and is a group of energy industry veterans adding storage to solar projects at no upfront cost via a business model innovation. Prior to joining SGS, Luis was President and co-founder of Ambri (f/k/a Liquid Metal Battery Corporation). Ambri is an early-stage company working to develop and commercialize a radical, new battery technology that will revolutionize grid-scale electricity storage. Prior to founding Ambri, Luis served as the Research Director of GroupSadoway at MIT from 2008 to 2011. An accomplished technologist, Luis has ten years of commercial experience in the battery industry serving as both an independent consultant and Program Manager for technology transfer while with Valence Technology. Prior to entering the energy sector, Luis was a Six Sigma Blackbelt in Honeywell’s Electronic Materials Division. Luis holds an S.B. and Sc.D. from MIT’s Department of Materials Science & Engineering.

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