Global PV Monitoring: Technologies, Markets and Leading Players, 2014-2018

by Cedric Brehaut

GTM Research and SoliChamba Consulting are partnering to release the 2014 edition of the solar industry’s only comprehensive analysis on global PV monitoring markets, technologies and vendors. The in-depth report includes technology and economic analysis, insight into the market’s competitive landscape with market size and market share, and demand projections to 2018 by market segment and by country, as well as 70 company profiles.

Solar PV market segments covered:

  • Residential (0 – 20kW)
  • Commercial (20kW – 1MW)
  • Industrial (1MW – 5MW)
  • Utility-scale (5MW+)

World regions and countries covered:

  • Europe: Germany, Italy, UK, France, Spain, rest of Europe
  • Americas: USA, Canada, Latin America
  • Asia-Pacific: China, India, Japan, rest of Asia
  • Rest of the World (aggregate)

FIGURE: Global PV Monitoring Competitive Landscape (Simplified)

Note: Complete chart data available in full report

Source: GTM Research

This 425-page report profiles 70 global vendors, including independent software providers (ISPs), solar inverter manufacturers, and downstream solar firms. Each profile includes total monitored fleet and new monitored fleet growth in megawatts and sites by country and segment, as well as key company and product information.

European Firms Analyzed:  ABB (Power-One) • Alfileo • Common-Link • Conergy • Critical Software • Domat • Ekogrid • Energeno • Energy Team • Fronius • Green Energy Options • GreenPowerMonitor • i-less • iLumen • imMODO Solar • inAccess (Sense One Technologies) • Kenergia Sviluppo • meteocontrol • Mind4Energy • One ID • Padcon • PassivSystems • Polimatica • Proakt • QOS Energy • Rbee Solar (Rtone) • Satec • Schneider Electric • Siemens • Sinapsi • skytron energy • SMA • Smartblue • SolarEye (Neuron Energy Solutions) • Solar-Log • SynaptiQ (3E) • The Owl (2 Save Energy) • Webdom

North American Firms Analyzed: Also Energy (DECK Monitoring) • Diaspark • Draker • eGauge • Emerson • Enphase • First Solar • Industrial Evolution • juwi solar • Locus Energy • PowerDash • Power Factors • SolarCity • Solectria • SunEdison • SunPower • Sunrun • Swinerton • Wonderware

Asia-Pacific Firms Analyzed: Adarsha • Contec • Enerwise • Laplace System • Mahindra EPC • MKI (Mitsui Knowledge Industry) • NeoSilica • Omron • Onamba • Taoke • SolarMan • TMEIC

Other Firms Analyzed: SolarEdge

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Cedric Brehaut Consultant

Cedric Brehaut is an expert in the monitoring and operations & maintenance of PV systems with extensive experience in the solar industry and over thirteen years in Silicon Valley. After seven years spent developing, managing and marketing security software products, Cedric joined the solar industry in 2007 as a director of product management for SunEdison and was a key contributor to the development and growth of the company’s services business unit. During Cedric’s tenure, SunEdison created and launched a new suite of turnkey services for PV plants, including managed monitoring, operations & maintenance, billing, and asset reporting services. Cedric also acted as the business development leader for these products. In 2011, he established SoliChamba Consulting and began offering consulting services to various firms in the solar industry.

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