EV Charging Infrastructure Development: Global Market Sizing and Forecasts

by Timotej Gavrilovic

The Premiun License version of this report also includes the data file as well as a copy of our accompanying EV Charging Infrastructure Development: Case Studies and Project Strategies in 2018 report.

A confluence of factors, including falling battery storage prices, the expansion of ride-sharing, the proliferation of low-cost sensors, and the embrace of artificial intelligence, is driving the growth in the electric vehicle (EV) market and leading experts to ponder numerous paradigm shifts in how society transports people and goods. Switching from gasoline to electricity will significantly impact commodity and electricity markets. Electricity will redefine how we use our vehicles, as energy networks transport “fuel” instantaneously to any point on the existing network, improve safety, and reduce the environmental impacts of transportation.

Wood Mackenzie predicts that this transformation in the transportation sector will accelerate in the coming years as nearly 250 million EVs hit the roads globally by 2040, representing ~14% of the total vehicle stock at that date. This cleaner system needs charging points to be spread throughout the built environment, closer to trip destinations, including homes, businesses and commercial routes.

To complement this report, GTM Research’s EV Charging Infrastructure Landscape report assesses key electric vehicle infrastructure stakeholders and their activities, including governments, utilities and vendors. 

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Timotej Gavrilovic Consultant

Timotej Gavrilovic is an independent consultant and researcher. Timotej is an independent researcher for GTM Research, focusing on electric vehicles and customer utility analytics. In addition, he serves on the advisory board of an early-stage startup focused on blockchain technologies in energy, Bovlabs. His consulting focus is on the nexus of demand-side energy resources, such as energy efficiency, demand response, electric vehicles, distributed generation and dynamic pricing, as well as data science and analytics.

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