EV Charging Infrastructure Development: Case Studies and Project Strategies in 2018

by Timotej Gavrilovic

This report is available as part of our Grid Edge Service, or with the purchase of EV Charging Infrastructure Development: Global Market Sizing and Forecasts or EV Charging Infrastructure Landscape: Global Market Evolution, Major Stakeholders and Key Trends.

The electric vehicle (EV) infrastructure market is evolving rapidly, with many companies looking to introduce their services, technology and capital into various market segments. Each of these segments overlaps and is intertwined with the others. Partners need to work together to plan and develop infrastructure projects. One or more stakeholders engage in engineering, procurement and construction of charging stations. Finally, once operational, network providers, utilities, businesses, residences or other stakeholders maintain, operate and engage customers to provide charging and other services.

This report employs the case study approach to explain EV infrastructure development; using several parameters that describe project infrastructure and operational objectives; the type and ownership of the EVs; and the equipment, software and services included in the project.

This report is part of our Grid Edge Service. Please contact gridsubscription@gtmresearch.com.

Timotej Gavrilovic Consultant

Timotej Gavrilovic is an independent consultant and researcher. Timotej is an independent researcher for GTM Research, focusing on electric vehicles and customer utility analytics. In addition, he serves on the advisory board of an early-stage startup focused on blockchain technologies in energy, Bovlabs. His consulting focus is on the nexus of demand-side energy resources, such as energy efficiency, demand response, electric vehicles, distributed generation and dynamic pricing, as well as data science and analytics.

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