Enterprise LED Lighting: Commercial and Industrial Market Trends, Opportunities & Leading Companies

by Jon Guerster

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Since general illumination light emitting diodes (LEDs) were first introduced in 1997, the industry envisioned that LEDs with projected performance increases could someday completely replace traditional lighting systems. Today that possibility is very realistic thanks to the acceleration in LED performance over the past few years and a wave of new commercial, industrial and institutional LED fixtures that have hit the market. The US market for commercial and industrial LED lighting, for example, is forecasted to see $330 million of revenue in 2010, with potential to grow next year at over 30%, surpassing $1 billion in annual revenues by 2014. This growth will come from three emerging trends in the industry:

  • Recent LED chip performance advancements, which allow more cost effective designs for replacing existing lighting systems
  • Newly introduced utility energy efficiency financial incentives for converting to these LED-based systems
  • Increased interest from building owners in applying sustainably-oriented lighting retrofits that save money in operation

Enterprise LED Lighting Adoption Timeline

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Source: Groom Energy

However, as with any emerging technology market, LED products show disparities in sophistication, performance, price and value. This report examines today’s products for these market applications, and produces a summary review of the current market dynamics, its customers, the technology and the leading companies. The study also profiles the top fifty LED fixture manufacturers and ten LED component providers, naming BetaLED, Cree, Lighting Science Group and Philips as LED market leaders for 2011.

For building and sustainability managers, lighting designers, consultants and financial analysts, this report provides a single-source reference guide with insights into current market dynamics, the technology challenges and the decision criteria C&I customers use when buying LED lighting today.

This report is a Groom Energy and GTM Research collaboration

Jon Guerster Co-Founder, Groom Energy Solutions

Prior to co-founding Groom Energy Solutions, Jonathan was a general partner at Charles River Ventures (CRV), a leading venture capital firm with $1.5 billion under management. At CRV, Jonathan was an active lead investor, advisor or board member for high-profile software and service companies such as BeFree (acquired by ValueClick), eDocs (acquired by Siebel Systems), Vignette (VIGN), Virtusa (VRTU) and Xign Corporation (acquired by JP Morgan Chase).

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