Building Integrated Photovoltaics (BIPV): Market Outlook 2008 and Beyond

by Alok Bhargava

The solar industry is enjoying unprecedented growth with a record 2006 cell production of 2500 MW. As the industry grows and gains increasing market acceptance, it is beginning to address a growing number of end-user concerns and newer applications. Building Integrated Photovoltaics (BIPV) promises to be a huge market (1.8 million privately-owned housing units starts in 2006 in the US alone) that naturally follows the initial success of solar PV. With increasing consumer awareness and marketing equity of solar PV, BIPV is seeing tremendous interest from the building owners, architects, construction industry and solar vendors.

Our report on BIPV takes a close look at the market, its surrounding conditions and the state of product technology and supply to draw a clearer picture of BIPV's potential impact. We examine various market factors including technology, regulatory policies and sensitivity to pricing. The report includes an extensive review of vendors and products participating in a competitive race for dominance in this potentially huge market.

  • Definition of and requirements for BIPV application
  • Structure of BIPV market and its relation to the solar PV market
  • Factors and trends affecting BIPV growth and evolution
  • Competitive dynamics and growth scenarios
  • Products and technologies

Competitive landscape with a comprehensive review of companies, products and outlooks
This report brings a comprehensive view of the BIPV market and an in-depth look at the factors that drive its growth and evolution, providing an invaluable strategic resource for anybody exploring this aspect of solar PV.

Alok Bhargava Consultant

Alok Bhargava joins Greentech Media from Motorola where he was instrumental in shaping Motorola's strategy for its wireline access business, particularly its fast-growing fiber-access business; in addition he managed the EMEA and LAC wireline access network markets based on an integrated marketing and sales strategy that spanned Motorola's video and home networking expertise. Prior to Motorola, Alok held leadership positions in system architecture and software engineering with Sycamore Networks and FORE Systems (acquired by Marconi and, subsequently, Ericsson).

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