Building-Integrated Photovoltaics: An Emerging Market

by GTM Research

Products based on the concept of building-integrated photovoltaics (BIPV) are beginning to emerge in the marketplace after more than 20 years of R&D and showcase projects.  This emergence is in large part due to the vision and dedication of leading developers such as Applied Solar, Schott, Dyesol, Dow, Saint-Gobain, and Lumeta.  Exciting new products that incorporate PV modules into actual building materials such as curtain walls, windows, and roofing shingles are now available from a variety of participants in the BIPV supply chain. These companies have seen the most advanced BIPV opportunities materialize in Europe with countries such as Belgium, France, Italy, and Switzerland offering lucrative feed-in tariffs for BIPV.  Markets in North America and the Far East have been less prolific to date but are developing quickly.

The successful creation of new BIPV markets will depend on many variables, including:

  • The ability of the building industry to rebound from the economic downturn of 2009
  • Concerted efforts by players in the BIPV supply chain to work together in the design and integration of solar into the building envelope in a seamless manner
  • Costs in $/Wp, as well as the building industry's preferred metric of $/m2 of product and power availability
  • Development of specific standards and building codes
  • Availability of federal and local incentives to ensure cost effectiveness
  • Added value for consumers and architects
  • Ease of production and the scale at which a production plant becomes economically feasible

In 2007, GTM Research produced one of the industry's first reports on BIPV; this new report builds on and updates the 2007 study, focusing on the latest generation of BIPV products and detailing current and future markets for them.  The report is intended to serve as a valuable reference guide for all companies or parties currently involved in, or seeking to participate in, the global BIPV market.

Key Elements of the Report:

  • BIPV technologies, materials, and products
  • Market segments and applications (roofing, walls, facades, windows, and others)
  • BIPV policy assessment and leading global markets
  • Distribution channel developments and economics
  • Key players in the BIPV supply chain
  • Comprehensive BIPV product list by supplier and cell manufacturer

Companies Covered in the Report

Aishin Seiki Co. Ltd. • Akeena Solar • Applied Solar • Arch Aluminum & Glass Co • Arnold Glass • Ascent Solar • Atlantis Energy Systems • BP Solar • Carlisle Energy Systems • Centrosolar • CertainTeed • Corus Colors • Dow Solar Solutions • Dyesol Technologies • Eagle Roofing • Energy Conversion Devices • ERG Renew • Ertex Solar • First Solar • GE Solar • Global Solar Energy • Heliatek GmbH • Heliovolt • Honda Soltec • Johns Manville E3CO • Kalzip • Konarka Technologies • Kyocera Solar • Lafarge • Lumeta Inc. • Nanosolar • Petersen-Dean Roofing and Solar Systems • PowerFilm Inc. • PV Systems • Romag Holdings • Saint-Gobain (Avancis) • Sanyo Electric Company • Scheuten Solar • Schott Solar • Schüco • Sharp Solar • Skyshades • Solarion AG • Solarmer Energy • Solyndra • SRS Energy • Sulfurcell Solartechnik • SunPower Corporation • Suntech Power Holdings • Tegola Canadese • Timo Technology • Unimetal • Wurth Solar

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