Megawatt-Scale PV Plant Operations and Maintenance: Services, Markets and Competitors 2013-2017

by Cedric Brehaut

PV Operations and Maintenance (O&M), the set of technical activities that enable power plants to produce energy in compliance with investor expectations and applicable regulations, is a market that will triple its current size by 2017. Europe currently leads the space, but Asia-Pacific markets will drive installations over the next four years, bringing the worldwide total to 146GW.

The competitive landscape of the PV O&M market is country specific, with different firms leading in each of the top solar markets. While the United States ranks sixth in terms of current megawatt-scale installations, the top three providers (First Solar, SunEdison, and SunPower) all primarily service the United States. Beyond the fast growth of the utility-scale PV industry in North America, this illustrates that the O&M market is more concentrated in the U.S., while it appears highly fragmented in European markets such as Germany and Italy. Price and service tend to also vary across geographies, with variations as high as 100% between low-price markets like the U.S. and high-price markets like Italy.

FIGURE: Global Megawatt-scale PV O&M Competitive Landscape

The 220-page report contains O&M service levels and price ranges for six key PV countries, a global competitive landscape analysis, current market size and forecast to 2017 for nine countries, and analysis of O&M activities, constraints and strategies. Additionally, the report profiles 60 vendors across continents whose aggregated O&M fleet currently surpasses 16GW. 

UPDATED: Click here to learn more about the newer 2015-2018 PV Operations & Maintenance report.

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Cedric Brehaut Consultant

Cedric Brehaut is an expert in the monitoring and operations & maintenance of PV systems with extensive experience in the solar industry and over thirteen years in Silicon Valley. After seven years spent developing, managing and marketing security software products, Cedric joined the solar industry in 2007 as a director of product management for SunEdison and was a key contributor to the development and growth of the company’s services business unit. During Cedric’s tenure, SunEdison created and launched a new suite of turnkey services for PV plants, including managed monitoring, operations & maintenance, billing, and asset reporting services. Cedric also acted as the business development leader for these products. In 2011, he established SoliChamba Consulting and began offering consulting services to various firms in the solar industry.

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