LANCASTER, Calif., June 22, 2011 /PRNewswire/—PsomasFMG and GCL Solar, developers of the Antelope Valley Union High School District’s solar power systems, have jointly established the Raleign Wright Scholarship for school district students.  Over the next four years, the sponsors will fund the scholarships with a total contribution of $80,000.  The solar power systems are at 10 sites at the school district and total 9.5 megawatts, making the project the largest school-based solar power system in the nation.

Heidi Aguilar, Ashlie Lobos, Joshua Mendoza, and Shelby Richardson were selected for the scholarships.  The school district identified these four students as having excelled scholastically in math and science, as well as leadership and character.  Each of the honorees has been awarded a $20,000 scholarship to be applied towards their education at an accredited four-year university, which will be paid over four years by the sponsors.  

John F. Kennedy said, ‘The human mind is our fundamental resource.’  How we develop our resources will define us a nation going forward—whether we’re talking about education or renewable energy,” said Paul Mikos, executive vice president, Sales and Marketing, for PsomasFMG.  “PsomasFMG is proud to join our partner, GCL Solar, in building a better future for the Antelope Valley Union High School District.”

The scholarship program honors Raleign Wright, a distinguished retired math teacher who joined the school district in 1967.  Throughout his 39 year tenure, Mr. Wright taught at Antelope Valley High School and Highland High School, where he served as a department chair, a mentor-teacher, an academic coach, as well as several levels of athletic coaching in football and basketball.  Wright officially retired in 1999, but continued to work as a substitute teacher and an administrative hearing officer until 2006.  

“The scholarships that PsomasFMG and GCL Solar are providing will enhance education and employment opportunities for our students,” said James T. Lott, president of the board of trustees of the school district.  “Along with the green benefits and energy savings from the solar panels, this scholarship program is yet another example of how the Antelope Valley Union High School District has benefited from its working with PsomasFMG and GCL Solar.”

“GCL Solar is pleased to participate in the scholarship program,” said Yumin Liu, president of GCL Solar Energy, Inc.  “Education, like solar energy, is an investment in our children’s future.”

Mikos noted that the honorees will be eligible to participate in a summer internship with either of the sponsoring companies, as well as the opportunity to interview for employment upon graduation from college.

“I am extremely grateful for having been awarded the PsomasFMG/GCL Solar scholarship, because it has virtually enabled me to have a full-ride to Stanford University,” said Joshua Mendoza, who will attend Stanford University after graduating from SOAR High School.  “This is undoubtedly a life-changing experience, because it will enable me to be the first person in my family to attend college and not have to worry about how I will finance that education.”

Heidi Aguilar, who will attend UCLA after graduating from Eastside High School, is equally as thrilled with her scholarship award said, “This is an enormous opportunity for all of the winners, and I am personally honored to have been selected as a recipient of the Raleign Wright Scholarship.  My award will go a long way in helping to offset annual tuition fees, and I am grateful to PsomasFMG and GCL Solar for their generosity.”

“I am so grateful for this scholarship!  It is really helping me with my college expenses which in return will prepare me to achieve all of my academic dreams,” said Shelby Richardson, who will attend Cal Poly San Luis Obispo after graduating from Lancaster High School.

All of the honorees were accepted by outstanding universities, including Ashlie Lobos, who will attend UC Irvine after graduating from William J. “Pete” Knight High School.

About GCL Solar

GCL Solar Energy, Inc., based in San Francisco, Calif., builds, owns, and operates solar photovoltaic power plants.  Established in late 2009, the company plans to become a leading investor and operator of solar power generation projects in North America.  The company has 11 megawatts of solar plants in operation, another 11 megawatts in construction, and a pipeline that exceeds 1 gigawatt.  GCL Solar Energy, Inc. is a subsidiary of GCL-Poly Energy Holdings Limited and a member of the GCL Group.

About PsomasFMG

Based in Huntington Beach, CA, PsomasFMG provides affordable solar systems to its clients by utilizing a combination of engineering know-how, private investor financing, and federal and state subsidies.  The company is led by a diverse group of veteran CEOs who have managed numerous ventures through complete business lifecycles.    

PsomasFMG has the ability to provide turn-key solar solutions from project conception and system design to financing, installation, operation and maintenance.  One of the fastest-growing companies in the region, PsomasFMG will begin construction on an additional 15-20 megawatts by the end of 2011.  

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