Using String Optimizers to Repower Existing PV Systems and Enable Low-Cost Inverter Upgrades

Globally, over 300 GW of large-scale PV solar power plants have been installed since 2008 - with over 40 GW in the U.S. alone. The performance of these power plants naturally decreases over time as PV modules degrade and as inverters reach their end-of- life and fail. As a result, some systems become a liability while others perform within contractual obligations, though still not at full potential. Consequently, system owners and operators often look for inexpensive ways to repower their existing and aging systems.

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PJM: State of the Market

This webinar, led by Dann Price, CPower Executive Director of Market Development for PJM, will give participants a wide-ranging, detailed overview of demand response and demand management programs from PJM Interconnection.


Designing for Maximum Energy Production with Solar Trackers

Across the United States, Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) contracts are being signed at increasingly lower rates, making it challenging for solar asset owners to maintain a viable return on investment. This has increased the need for developers and owners to fully maximize energy production from photovoltaic (PV) panel systems to meet these competitive PPA targets.

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