Bifacial PV Tracking: The Simulation and Optimization of Yield Gain

Bifacial solar PV tracking exhibits the potential to increase PV energy yield compared to standard-module tracking under identical conditions. The PV applications industry is performing diligent investigations to quantify bifacial yield gain expectation as a function of environmental and application factors that influence bifacial solar tracking performance. This webinar will explore those influencing factors and their impact on bifacial PV tracking, demonstrate optimization techniques in application alternatives, and present simulation results in terms of yield gain expectation.

Increasing Production & Revenues of Utility-Scale Solar Installations with DC-Coupled Solar+Storage

Adding DC-coupled solar plus storage to existing or new utility scale solar plants can maximize project economics through reduced installation costs, increased energy production, valuable tax incentives amongst other value streams. In this webinar, Dynapower will take participants through the multiple value streams and advantages of DC-Coupled utility-scale solar plus storage as compared to AC-coupled storage.

The Code to Closing Today’s Residential Solar Deals

Like every innovation, residential solar PV is making its way through the technology adoption lifecycle. The ‘chasm’, or gap between the early adopters and early majority customers, is where most new technologies fail and where countless companies die. Except for Hawaii, every solar market in the U.S. is still tapping into the ‘innovator’ and ‘early adopter’ population, as shown in the chart below. Even in California, residential solar has yet to ‘cross the chasm’ and reach mainstream consumers.