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Next Generation Electric Rate Design

This webinar will explore trends driving the “new normal” of electric rate design across the United States focusing specifically on how the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP), the nation’s largest public water and power utility, took a collaborative approach to their recently approved rate case.

Grid Edge

What Utilities Can Learn from Other Service Industries. Hint: It Starts with Mobile Engagement

Across industries, improving the customer experience has positively impacted revenue, profit and satisfaction. Today’s challenge is to ensure that digital resources meet customers where they are—on mobile. Leaders in industries like telecommunications, banking and travel have primed customers to expect user-centric and responsive mobile tools that make getting critical information easy and timely.


Solar Solutions for Business. One Sun. Endless Possibilities.

In this webinar, two experts from NRG’s renewables team will discuss how businesses can navigate through the possibilities and logistics of a solar solution – from choosing relevant technologies to implementing effective delivery approaches. Both are vital in turning the promise of solar power into the reality of a functioning system.

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How a Holistic Approach to Utility Security Can Simplify NERC CIP Compliance

Collaboration and communication with regulators, security experts, other utilities, service providers, vendors, and system integrators is essential to respond to emerging security threats. This webinar will feature practical insights on developing a comprehensive approach to security from substation to end point.

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