System Design Using Virtual Central Inverters: How Systems Benefit from Central & String Inverters

Until recently, utility-scale solar power systems have been designed with the largest capacity central inverters available. With the introduction of string inverters, systems with capacities in the range of 1MW to 10MW have been successfully designed and installed using three-phase, 1000VDC string inverters with capacities in the 30kW to 60kW range.


Reducing Costs in an Increasingly Competitive Commercial PV Landscape

As the commercial PV market continues to experience significant growth year-over-year, increased competition necessitates constant cost reductions and challenges integrators who must find ways to build and maintain margins. The solution is a wholistic approach to cost reduction which addresses factors affecting both CAPEX and OPEX.


The Future of Utility Scale Solar O&M

Is your power plant optimized for the industry’s growing O&M demand? In the last three years over 19 GW of utility-scale solar PV have been installed in the United States, which has resulted in an increasing concern among project developers to focus on the operations and maintenance (O&M) of their plants. Is your plant ready for the future of O&M? This webinar will discuss the future of utility scale solar on maximizing the overall plant performance, availability, data and reporting.

A Practical Guide to Residential PV Optimization

Optimizing a residential PV system is much more complex than simply optimizing the modules. While module level power electronics can be an important part of maximizing lifetime system profitability, there are many other dimensions to consider. Roof layout, shading, code requirements, interconnection mandates and storage are just a few of the important variables to carefully dissect.

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