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Software Controls: The Key to Unlocking the Value of Grid 2.0

Learn how software and system-wide expertise are the core building blocks for successful transformation of the grid During this one-hour complimentary webinar hosted by Greentech Media, Greensmith Energy and AEP will discuss the critical role that software plays in the realization of Grid 2.0. With the ability to control generation and load, storage becomes one of the most critical assets in the utility portfolio.


Optimizing Block Design For Utility-Scale Solar With String Inverters

Despite the recent shift in energy policy announced recently by President Trump, U.S. utility executives remain bullish on utility-scale solar with more than two-thirds forecasting moderate or significant growth in installations. Despite this positive environment, developers, asset owners and EPCs are facing more pressure than ever to drive down costs as a result of steep declines in PPA prices.


Oversizing the PV System to the Inverter Ratio

In recent years photovoltaic system design approaches have evolved. This system design philosophy has shifted as designers moved their design target to the array oversizing as panel prices have fallen. Rather than focusing on production efficiency and maximizing the output of each individual module, these designers have begun designing for maximum financial efficiency at the system level.

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