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Innovations in Crystalline Silicon PV 2013: Markets, Strategies and Leaders in Nine Technology Areas

Times are tough across the crystalline silicon (c-Si) PV supply chain; overcapacity has contributed to crashing prices and negative profit margins, and equipment vendors are challenged to sell new equipment to companies with idled lines. Innovation is one way out of this current mess. Never before has the pressure been so intense to improve every aspect of PV technology, including cell efficiency, materials costs, equipment costs, equipment throughput, installed system costs, and energy delivery in the field.

The potential rate of technological innovation is overwhelming and the impacts on module cost, performance and reliability are difficult to understand or predict. This webinar, based on GTM's 262-page report, helps readers navigate these factors. In this webinar, we will explore nine topics of innovation within the c-Si PV industry that are distributed evenly between the wafer, cell, and module.

Nine Technology Areas Covered:

1. Quasi-Mono Wafers
2. Diamond Wire Sawing
3. Kerfless Wafers
4. Selective Emitters
5. Reduced-silver Metallization

6. Dielectric-Passivated Backside Cell Architectures
7. Conductive Adhesives
8. Encapsulant Alternatives to EVA
9. Frameless and Plastic-Framed Module Designs

For more information, see GTM's new report, Innovations in Crystalline Silicon PV 2013.