webinar: Efficiency

Are Warehouse Buildings Ready for LED Lighting Upgrades in 2013?

In the last two years energy-saving LED lighting and control upgrades have become common within cold storage warehousing.  In 2013 will we see similar adoption growth within broader warehousing and distribution environments?  What are the critical determining factors for where it makes sense?

Warehouses are the hidden workhorses behind most supply chains, operating around the clock, with product on the move – from storage at the manufacturer, to regional distribution centers to a distribution centers nearest to the customer.

In the late 1990’s energy-efficient fluorescent high bay lighting was the “new” lighting technology applied in warehousing, with adoption first starting in the highest cost energy market regions.  The technology was new, but the performance played out and the savings were realized. 

Now in 2013 a new warehouse lighting trend has begun – this time the “new” technology is LED.   But this time it isn’t just happening first where energy costs are the highest.

Come hear about the latest market trends, in which types of warehouses LED lighting makes sense today, and where it may be better to wait a few years.  Hear from experts at Groom Energy on the LED lighting application adoption framework, laid out in their Enterprise LED Lighting 2012 research report, published last year with Greentech Media.

This webinar will also include presentations from two companies who have implemented LED lighting in their warehouses, Atlas Box and Crating and Pioneer Cold Storage.