Continental Breakfast & Check-In
Morning Theme: Evolution of Energy Storage in the U.S.
Keynote Interview with Green Mountain Power

Mary Powell, the CEO of Green Mountain Power, doesn’t even consider her power company a “utility.” She sees it as a startup, where customer experience and distributed energy are her top priorities. We’ll chat with Powell about her approach to managing Vermont’s biggest utility, and where battery storage fits into her vision for the customer-centric future.

Mary Powell, President & CEO, Green Mountain Power Corporation

Moderator: Stephen Lacey, Editor-in-Chief, Greentech Media

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Crowdsourced Market Insights: Role of Energy Storage in Creating the Grid of the Future

Distributed energy means that, more than ever, the power that we use is crowd-sourced, so why shouldn't our insights be? We will put the questions to you, the audience, to see if the vision on stage matches the vision of the market.

Kelly Speakes-Backman, CEO, Energy Storage Association (ESA)
Craig R. Horne, Vice President Business Development, Energy Storage, RES Americas
Vibhu Kaushik, Director of Grid Technology & Modernization , Southern California Edison

Moderator: Daniel Finn-Foley, Head of Energy Storage, Wood Mackenzie

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Afternoon Theme: Residential & Commercial Storage Markets
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Afternoon Theme: Front of the Meter Storage: Utilities, IPPs & ISOs

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Dynapower Case Study: The Case for DC-Coupled Utility-Scale Solar Plus Storage

With installations in North Carolina and Florida at two of the nation’s leading IPPs, Dynapower’s Chris Larsen presents the financial advantages of DC-Coupled Utility Scale Solar Plus Storage and practical implementation considerations for installation owners. Larsen takes participants through energy storage deployment savings, energy generation increases achieved only through the use of a DC-DC converter, and the utilization of the DC-coupled approach in both new and existing utility scale solar installations.

Chris Larsen, Senior Sales Engineer, Dynapower

Moderator: Mitalee Gupta, Senior Analyst, Energy Storage, Wood Mackenzie

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Lessons from State Incentives & Pilot Programs

Some states leverage pilot programs to kickstart a new storage industry. Others can't seem to get out of pilot purgatory, where state-funded demos simply lead to more demos without achieving scale. In this panel, we'll hear from experts on the vanguard of state storage policy about what to emulate and what to avoid from state incentive programs so far. It will be geared toward policymakers and storage companies alike.

Sara Baldwin Auck, Director, Regulatory Program, IREC
Balvinder Deonarine, Project Manager, Distributed Resource Integration, ConEd
Kavita Ravi, Director of Strategic Analysis, Massachusetts Clean Energy Center

Moderator: Julian Spector, Staff Writer, Greentech Media

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The Art of Value Stacking in Behind-the-Meter Storage

From self-consumption to peak demand shaving to aggregated energy arbitrage -- behind-the-meter storage can provide a number of services for customers. Combining these applications creates multiple value streams, which can improve the economics for energy storage systems. Panelists will discuss how they're addressing value stacking and how customers are responding.

Giovanni Damato, Senior Project Manager, Energy Storage & Distributed Energy Resources, EPRI
Chadwick Manning, Co-Founder & CEO, ElectrIQ Power
Martin Milani, CEO, Sunverge

Moderator: Julia Pyper, Contributing Editor, Greentech Media

track 2
Optimal Location of Energy Storage - Centralized or Distributed?

GTM Research forecasts that behind-the-meter storage will make up more than 50% of the U.S. energy storage market by 2022, but is this trend moving us in the right direction to drive growth and enhance reliability? We will ask our panelists where the best place for storage is, and we will see if that answer changes dramatically depending on who you ask.

Mia Adams, Senior Manager, Market Strategy, MISO
Gabe Petlin, Supervisor, Grid Planning & Reliability, Energy Division, CPUC
Rogers Weed, Vice President, Product Management, Doosan GridTech
Joshua Weiner, Storage Integration Director, NEXTracker

Moderator: Jeff St. John, Senior Editor, Greentech Media

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