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Folsom Labs develops HelioScope, an advanced PV system design tool that integrates system layout and performance modeling to simplify the process of engineering and selling solar projects.
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NEXTracker advances the power plant of the future with smart solar trackers, energy storage systems and TrueCapture™ advanced control software that yields additional energy, optimizes performance and reduces costs for project and plant owners. As the #1 single-axis tracker supplier worldwide with over 17 GW delivered or under fulfillment, NEXTracker is globally recognized for delivering smart and connected energy systems for hundreds of projects across five continents. For more information, see NEXTracker.com or follow us on Twitter @NEXTracker.
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Aurora is the solar industry’s leading PV system design and sales platform—a cloud-based solar solution used by thousands of solar professionals worldwide. With Aurora, solar salespeople and designers can precisely calculate how many solar panels will fit on a property, forecast how much energy they will produce, estimate how much money the system will save the property owner, and generate sales proposals without ever having to visit the property itself. To date, Aurora has been used to design over 2.5 million solar projects globally, with over 100,000 projects completed monthly.
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Solargraf designs custom software solutions for companies of all sizes to fit their needs and give them a competitive edge. Over 7,000 solar professionals rely on Solargraf to design solar installations, build client proposals, connect with financing partners, file solar permits, harness their customer data, and better manage their business.
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ThoughtTrace exists to empower people and companies to greater insight and creativity through better access to their most challenging information. We help enterprises review and validate critical information in existing contracts and legal documents. Using artificial intelligence (AI), natural language processing, and machine learning, our SaaS platform, ThoughtTrace reads words, sentences, and paragraphs just like a human does, driving better strategy, decisions, and execution. With results in minutes or hours, not weeks or months, advanced analysis and understanding is your edge.