Join GTM & Folsom Labs for the fifth year of the industry’s first dedicated event focusing on solar operations and sales digitalization. We'll cover topics including machine learning and AI for large-scale O&M, restrategizing solar business around digital tools, drones, better storage integration (and modeling) through data analytics and storage management software, and much more.



Malini Balakrishnan
Malini Balakrishnan
Chief Information Officer, Borrego Solar

Ms. Malini Balakrishnan is Borrego’s Chief Information Officer and head of our Continuous Improvement department. She oversees the development and deployment of new enterprise software technologies and business processes that drive efficiency, cross-departmental information sharing, project management tools, and value improvements that ultimately drive stronger business relationships with our customers and partners. Her background includes over 20 years in IT leadership and change management at companies that were at critical inflection points in their growth and needed technology to inform, enable and accelerate their business transformations. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and Engineering from Anna University and an MBA from the Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta.

agenda 2020 Conference Themes
  • The State of Solar Digitalization
  • Restructuring a Solar Business Around Digital Tools
  • The Next Frontier of Solar O&M: Machine Learning & AI Become the Norm
  • What Can Solar O&M and Surveying Players Learn from the Wind Operations Drone Revolution?
  • The Role of Digital Tools in Developing Solar Insurance and Creative Financial Products
  • What the Future Holds for Solar Customer and Sales Management and Design Simulation Software
  • Software as the Connective Tissue for Storage Integration and Modeling
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