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Research Keynote: The New Normal: Mexican Large-Scale Renewable Development in the AMLO Era

With this keynote research presentation co-presented by Wood Mackenzie’s Latin America solar and wind experts, we will break down the implications of the auction cancellation, measuring how its shockwaves will condition investment and project finance in the short-and-mid-term (in current project portfolios).

The presentation will include our forecasts for solar and wind project pipelines past 2020. #showall

Manan Parikh, Analyst, Americas Power & Renewables, Wood Mackenzie Power & Renewables

Keynote Panel: Against the Tide - The State of Renewable Project Finance in Mexico

On this keynote panel, key Mexican financial stakeholders will evaluate the impact of the auction cancellation in investor confidence and perceptions of risk in the Mexican renewables market. With the AMLO administration pushing to bring power back to CFE as the National Utility in Mexico and has signaled solidifying baseload through thermal and hydro generation as a priority over PV and wind.

However, Mexico is still on the hook for clean generation targets for 2021 (30%), 2024 (35%) and 2035 (50%). So how are all these factors impacting investor appetite for renewable projects in Mexico?

Expert finance stakeholders will share their thought on available pools of capital, most optimal finance mechanisms and risk assessment for corporate PPA and merchant PPAs. In the case of the latter, they will break down the challenges vs. opportunities of selling renewable-generated power directly into wholesale markets daily, factoring long-term price predictions for these spot markets, with the aim of getting an answer to the following question: ‘Can these projects be justified in an extremely volatile market?’ Different risk profiles will be evaluated. #showall

Moderator: Manan Parikh, Analyst, Americas Power & Renewables, Wood Mackenzie Power & Renewables

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A New Dawn – Re-strategizing Large-Scale Renewable Development in Mexico
Mexican Appetite for Corporate Renewable and Merchant PPAs: Deciphering Current Regulatory Frameworks and Energy Buyer Needs

This panel discussion will present an overview on Mexico as an industrial and manufacturing global powerhouse and how the country is therefore posed to become a land of opportunity for renewable corporate PPAs, even under current market headwinds.

Energy buyers and developers will break down key industrial sectors currently contracting PV and wind, as well as the potential impact of trade tensions and other macroeconomic factors on future demand.

The discussion will also offer an understanding of what are these industrial customers’ priorities and needs in terms of service, contract structures and operational management, comparing these opportunities with those brought by merchant PPAs. #showall

Guillermo Chávez Canales, Senior Manager, PwC

Research Presentation: Delineating Future Power Price Trends in Mexico, and How These Will Impact Solar & Wind Development
Surviving Record-Low PPA Prices: Solar O&M Strategies and Soft Cost Reductions for Auctioned Projects

Leading O&M, EPCs, developers and technology providers in the region will assess how innovative O&M strategies and cost reductions and lower soft costs can help existing existing solar projects awarded in the auctions. #showall

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Research Presentation: Outlining Trends in Wind Technology, O&M and Development Costs in Mexico
Mapping Critical Transmission Needs Across Mexico

In a setback to wind and PV development in the country, the AMLO administration announced in January it would not be pursuing the HVDC transmission line projects connecting the Tehuantepec isthmus and Baja California to the rest of the country. But in addition to the interconnection opportunities for new PV and wind fields these transmission line expansions would have brought, Mexico’s transmission infrastructure will soon struggle with congestion overloads in the Northern regions of the country.

So how will the AMLO administration respond to these infrastructure needs? This session will map the most critical and vulnerable spots in Mexico’s transmission network, and venture into what can be expected from the current administration. #showall

Research Presentation: Setting the Course for the Widespread Adoption of Energy Storage in Mexico
Distributed Generation as an Enabler of Mexico’s Decentralized Energy Future
Untapping Mexico’s Immense Potential for Distributed Generation

How regulatory frameworks and incentives, finance mechanisms, investor appetite and technology costs will affect Mexico’s pace of adoption for residential and commercial distribution generation.

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360-degree View on a Distributed Generation Project in Mexico

Join a distributed generation developer / installer for a comprehensive case study encompassing all the different stages of a distributed generation project in Mexico: from project evaluation, design and construction / installation to technology procurement, connection and maintenance.

Beyond Mexico's Southern Border
Closing Roundtable: Further Renewable Development Opportunities Across Latin America

With Colombia issuing its first action for utility-scale PV and wind, developers are starting to shift their attention towards the South American country. Additionally, Chile -LATAM’s most mature solar market- is coming back strong, and Argentina, Brazil and the Caribbean region look particularly promising in the next 5-to-10 years.

Jonathan Carreno Montero, Director, Business Development, Acciona

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