Wood Mackenzie Research Spotlight

We will introduce the virtual session with an overview of the scale of distributed energy resources market in the U.S. and how this exponential growth in DERs, despite the short-term slowdown due to the pandemic, is necessitating a paradigm shift in distribution and resource planning, where digitalization and analytics play a crucial role.

This presentation will also cover how the economic impacts of the pandemic might put at risk (or delay) planned investments in grid digitalization. #showall

Fei Wang, Grid Edge Research Manager, Wood Mackenzie Power & Renewables

Fireside Chat with a Leading Utility

This 1:1 conversation will shed light of how a top-tier IOU understands digitalization as a pillar of its decarbonization strategy.

The interview will cover how data management and analytics are helping enhance visibility into customer-side resources, monitoring and optimizing distributed energy resources’ role in grid operations. #showall

Damian Sciano, Director, Distribution Planning, ConEdison

Moderator: Jeff St. John, Senior Editor, Greentech Media

Panel - Enabling Better Load Forecasting and Grid Operations Through Digital Tools

Led by senior utility executives managing grid digitalization strategies, this discussion will cover how a better understanding of electricity usage driven by customer centricity and more personalized customer relationships is empowering utilities with unprecedented volume of insights.

These data sets have become particularly crucial in recent times, as utilities deal with unforeseen shifts in residential and commercial & industrial load patterns as a result of the economic impacts of COVID-19.

However, as utilities face increasing pressure on recovering costs throughout 2020 (and potentially 2021), the deployment of digital tools and data analytics might be challenged. So what areas of utility operations need to be prioritized when it comes to grid digitalization in scenarios in which budgets become tighter, while still on track to achieve strategic goals? And what are the tangible ways in which digitalization is helping utilities cope better with the consequences of the pandemic? #showall

Dana Small, Director of Smart Grid and Technology, Pepco Holdings
Digaunto Chatterjee, Vice President System Planning, Eversource
Abhay Gupta, CEO & Founder, Bidgely

Moderator: Fei Wang, Grid Edge Research Manager, Wood Mackenzie Power & Renewables