GTM Focus is a free-to-attend 90 minute virtual series covering the most pressing challenges and opportunities in clean energy. During this exclusive roundtable with some of the most innovative American utilities and grid edge technologies companies, Wood Mackenzie’s Grid Edge Research Manager will shed light on how grid analytics, cloud computing or demand response can help utilities improve operations while continuing to connect more customer-side resources to the grid.

Enabling Better Load Forecasting and Grid Operations Through Digital Tools

With the dramatic reduction in commercial & industrial load and the spikes in residential energy consumption, the Coronavirus pandemic has transformed how utilities think about load forecasting. The ripple effects of this shift also have implications for grid planning and can be felt across every utility division, putting the grid to test while creating opportunities to implement future-proof grid edge technologies.


Dana Small
Dana Small
Director of Smart Grid and Technology, Pepco Holdings
Digaunto Chatterjee
Digaunto Chatterjee
Vice President System Planning, Eversource
Abhay Gupta
Abhay Gupta
CEO & Founder, Bidgely

Abhay Gupta founded Bidgely with the mission to accomplish energy efficiency at a massive scale. As CEO of Bidgely, Abhay has led the company from concept to market leadership: Abhay sets the commercial and technical vision, strategy and leadership for Bidgely: to provide the platform of choice for proven energy engagement and savings for utilities and consumers. Prior to Bidgely, Abhay worked at a combination of energy and technology companies including Grid Net, Echelon and Sun Microsystems.He holds a B.Tech from the Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, M.S. from University of Southern California and M.B.A. from Santa Clara University.

Damian Sciano
Damian Sciano
Director, Distribution Planning, ConEdison

Damian Sciano is Director, Distribution Planning at Con Edison where he oversees the company’s evolving Distributed System Implementation Plan (DSIP) and Distributed Service Platform (DSP) designed to integrate distributed energy resources, like solar energy, into the traditional electric system.

Damian has over 30 years of utility experience developing cogeneration projects for Trigen Energy as well as working in power generation, strategic planning, electrical engineering and, most recently, as Senior System Operator at Con Edison’s Energy Control Center. 

Since 2018, he has also served as an assistant adjunct professor at Columbia University where he teaches power system analysis. Damian is a professional engineer in New York State and holds a doctorate degree in Electrical Engineering from NYU-Polytechnic School of Engineering and an MBA in Finance from Baruch College.

Agenda Themes
  • Digitalization as a Pillar of Decarbonization Strategy
  • How Data Management and Analytics are Helping Enhance Visibility into Customer-side Resources
  • Electricity Usage Driven by Customer Centricity
  • How Digitalization is Helping Utilities Cope with the Consequences of COVID-19
  • Enabling Better Load Forecasting and Grid Operations Through Digital Tools
  • What Areas of Utility Operations Need to be Prioritized When it Comes to Grid Digitalization?
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