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Research Keynote: Taking the Pulse – 2019 Policy Developments Impacting Solar & Storage Across the Northeast

Austin Perea, Senior Analyst, Wood Mackenzie
Brett Simon, Senior Analyst, Storage, Wood Mackenzie

Panel: Reflections on SMART – Assessing the Viability of Solar and Solar-plus-Storage Projects

What are the main successes and pitfalls of C&I developers participating in the first phase of SMART in Massachusetts? And what outcomes can we expect out of the 400 MW review process?

These early lessons will serve as an indication of how processes could be optimized in a potential second phase of the program. #showall

Kathryn Chelminski, Ph.D., Senior Manager, New Market Development, Solar PV, Ameresco
John Nordeman, President, Safari Energy
Kaitlin Kelly, Manager, Solar Programs, Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources
Eric Macaux, Member, Project Development & Finance Practice, Mintz

Moderator: Austin Perea, Senior Analyst, Wood Mackenzie

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Panel: Getting VDER Right: Maximizing Revenue Streams for VDER Values

The State of New York has set some of the most ambitious decarbonization goals in the nation, but the complexities of modeling VDER value portions can be a threat to securing maximum returns for C&I projects.

The recent updates to DRV, LSRV and ICAP Alternative 2 create more predictable revenue streams, making projects even more financeable, but other questions need to be raised, particularly when it comes to which value stack portions can benefit solar projects over solar-plus-storage projects, or potential energy price devaluations related to solar oversupply in future high-penetration scenarios.

Leading New York developers and regulators and other industry stakeholders will tackle these questions. #showall

Amy McDonough, Vice President of New York Project Development, Borrego Solar
Heather Curlee, Of Counsel, Energy & Infrastructure, Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati
Luke Forster, Business Analyst, DER, NYSERDA
Enrico Ladendorf, Managing Director and Founder, Pason Power

Moderator: Shyam Mehta, Executive Director, New York Solar Energy Industries Association

Research Presentation: A World Full of Possibilities: Integrating DERs into Wholesale Markets – Outlining Revenue Stream Models

Daniel Finn-Foley, Head of Energy Storage, Wood Mackenzie

Networking Lunch
Facing Interconnection Challenges: Lessons Learned Across Northeastern State Markets

There is a common denominator to hurdles faced by C&I projects across Northeastern states, and that is interconnection delays.

We will sit down with top developers in New York and Massachusetts to shed light of the main challenges impacting interconnection, ascertaining the extent to which these delays are impacting potential project revenue. #showall

Rob Tompkins, Program Manager, Borrego Solar
Elizabeth Mahony, Assistant Attorney General and Senior Policy Advisor for Energy, Commonwealth of Massachusetts
Ben Downing, VP, New Market Development, Nexamp

Moderator: Brett Simon, Senior Analyst, Storage, Wood Mackenzie

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Capitalizing on Up-and-Coming Northeastern Community Solar Markets

What are the key emerging opportunities for community solar projects sparked by 2019 policy updates in New England, New York and New Jersey?

What impact can commercial users have in the New York market? And what is the real potential of adding storage to community solar projects? #showall

Chris Stroud, CEO, Monolith Solar
Hannah Muller, Director of Public Policy, Clearway
Tony Orr, Senior Vice President, Legal, Dynamic Energy Solutions

Moderator: Austin Perea, Senior Analyst, Wood Mackenzie

The State of Solar & Storage in Emerging New England State Markets: Perspectives from Top C&I Developers

Due to its role groundbreaking role advancing clean energy across the region, Massachusetts always takes the spotlight when discussing distributed solar markets in New England. But what are some of the key development opportunities for solar and solar-plus-storage in the rest of New England?

What are the market trends and policy frameworks impacting projects across Connecticut, Rhode Island, Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont? #showall

Stephan Hartmann, Manager, Business Development, ConEdison Solutions
Brianna Brand, Senior Program Director, Clean Energy NH
Chad Farrell, Founder/CEO, Encore Renewable Energy

Moderator: Colin Smith, Senior Analyst, Solar, Wood Mackenzie

Closing Roundtable: Solar-and-Storage (and other DERs) as the Key to Resilience – Utility Perspectives

As storage is proving enormous benefits in reliability and cost optimization derived from T&D referrals, more and more large-scale storage projects and DERs are coming online.

We will sit down with leading utilities in the Northeast to discuss their latest project announcements, and conclusions driven by the impact of DERs that have already been integrated across their footprints. #showall

Roger Kranenburg, Vice President, Energy Strategy and Policy, Eversource Energy
Shaun Hoyte, Program Manager, Commercial Direct Install (CDI) Program, Con Edison

Moderator: Isaac Maze-Rothstein, Grid Edge Research Analyst, Wood Mackenzie Power & Renewables

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