U.S. Energy Storage Market Opportunities

This year the U.S. Solar Market Insight conference will include a pre-conference seminar on the market for storage solutions. We'll survey the landscape today and predict where these two technologies will grow fastest over the coming years.

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GTM Research Analyst Presentation - Where is the U.S. Storage Market Headed?

Declining costs of solar as well as energy storage have made solar-plus-storage solutions take off in several local markets. Behind-the-meter storage coupled with solar opens up new use cases like demand management, time-of-use shifting and bolsters the overall economics for end-customers. From the perspective of utilities and grid operators, solar-plus-storage can alleviate intermittency, ramping and reliability risks. This presentation will address solar-plus-storage end-customer economics, business models, deployments and forecast through 2020.

Ravi Manghani, Head of Solar, Wood Mackenzie

Uncovering and Eliminating the Bottlenecks in Storage Financing

The industry is high on the promise of energy storage economics, but the project finance community has been slow to respond. With limited track record and a host of companies till trying to build the business model, potential financiers continue to wait on the sidelines. Will the dollars inevitably flow towards storage as it matures or are there unique challenges to the business models and technologies employed by the industry? What are current day challenges for storage project developers in landing deals and how will the market overcome these obstacles? In this sessions, project developers and financiers discuss solutions that will potentially uncork storage project finance bottlenecks.

Moderator: Shayle Kann, Senior Vice President, GTM Research

John R. Bryan, VP of Product and Marketing, , CODA Energy
Tim Derrick, General Manager, Advanced Solutions, SunEdison
Karen Butterfield, Chief Commercial Officer, Stem

Finding the Best Fit - Status and Prospects for Energy Storage Technologies

Energy storage critics would argue that there are more technologies than there are deployments out in the field. In reality however, several energy storage technologies are advancing from early stage R&D to full-scale commercialization with a variety of startups and established players investing in their respective technologies with no clear winner yet. This session will include presentations from leading storage technology vendors and downstream integrators sharing their technology roadmaps and insights from field deployments.

Moderator: Ravi Manghani, Senior Grid Analyst, GTM Research

Leesa Lee, SVP, Product Management & Marketing, Greensmith Energy Management Systems, Inc.
Matthew Maroon, Senior Director, Product Management, Aquion Energy
Dr. Ali Nourai, Energy Storage Segment Director, DNV GL Energy

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Storage Behind the Meter - Opportunities for Solar and Storage Project Development

Spurred by favorable rate structures, the declining cost of energy storage technologies and the always looming “duck curve,” the market for customer-sited energy storage is on the cusp of breaking open. Yet, strong bottlenecks in market educations, project finance, and basic project economics currently stymy the promising industry. This panel of experts in energy storage project development seeks to answer: Where and when does customer-sited commercial storage make sense? What are potential solutions to current bottlenecks in project finance, market support and system economics? Do opportunities to couple solar and storage together improve project viability or needlessly complicate the value proposition? Is one technology necessary to push the other forward?

Moderator: MJ Shiao, Director, Solar Research, GTM Research

Suleman Khan, Structured Finance, Stationary Energy Storage, Tesla Motors
Matt Roberts, Executive Director, Energy Storage Association
Ivo Steklac, Vice President & General Manager R&C Energy Solutions, SunPower Corp.
Andrew Tanner, VP Business Development, Geli

The Evolving Business Case for Utility-Scale Storage

Utility-scale storage has the potential to be a powerful force in wholesale markets, however regulatory and market changes are still essential to accelerate deployment. This panel will tackle the current state of utility-scale storage and where the market is headed; including developments in nascent markets such as CA and NY and a discussion on what changes can monetize the benefits of storage and animate new business models.

Moderator: Adam James, Solar Analyst, GTM Research

Shane Bediz, Director of Business Development, Bosch Energy Storage
Tom Leyden, Senior Director, Distributed Electricity & Storage, EDF Renewables
Jamie Ormond, Lead Analyst, Interconnection, California Public Utilities Commission

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