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Case Study:
PA Consulting

In 2016, consulting, technology and innovation firm, PA Consulting Group turned to GTM to develop a thought leadership and awareness campaign for their US Energy & Utilities brand. During a one-year campaign, GTM broadened and strengthened the PA Consulting Group's voice with white papers, webinars, articles and videos developed and executed by GTM. The results were staggering. Aligning the PA brand with an industry leader and respected editorial voice increased their website traffic three-fold.

The Statistics

31% More Leads than Average White Papers
1849% More Video Views than Average
43% More Leads than Average Webinars
Total Pageviews Generated by Feature Articles


"Aligning our brand with GTM in 2016 allowed us to expand our reach in the US. We were able to benefit from the well-established editorial credibility of GTM and attach our name to their industry-leading coverage and world class editorial team, expert contributors and analysts. Our program included 4 white papers, 3 webinars, 2 videos and 40 articles, all of which resulted in a tremendous number of leads. In fact, the traffic to our web site increased 3-fold. A competent GTM team offered skill and expertise throughout the year-long project." Peter SigginsPA Consulting Group

White Papers

Feature Articles

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