Within months of the record-setting solar-plus-storage PPA in Arizona, Colorado took things to a new low.

How Did Xcel’s Colorado Bids for Solar and Wind With Batteries Get So Darn Low?

The combination of storage and renewables has never looked this competitive.

by Julian Spector |
Regulation & Policy 82
Regulators did not rule in line with a stakeholder settlement.

Diablo Canyon to Close Without Clean Energy Guarantees

The plan for closing California’s last nuclear plant slashes a proposed budget for worker retraining—and has “no explicit provision” for zero-carbon replacements.

by Jeff St. John
Energy Storage 15
Experts weigh in on the top themes in energy storage.
GTM Research Spotlight

The Next 5 Years in Energy Storage, According to 500 Energy Professionals

Live attendee poll results from Greentech Media’s 2017 Energy Storage Summit crowdsourced insights panel.

by Dan Finn-Foley
The energy storage market has a bright future.

All the Ups and Downs From the Year in Energy Storage

Transcript: Stephen and Shayle recap the energy storage market’s big year. Then Stephen sits down with GMP’s Mary Powell to talk about the utility of the future.

by Stephen Lacey |
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Grid Edge 9
One FERC commissioner called Perry's proposal a

Why Rick Perry’s Coal-Friendly Market Intervention Was Legally Doomed

DOE never met the basic legal requirements for enacting a major market change. But it did launch a valuable debate on the meaning of “resilience.”

by Jeff St. John
Energy Storage 1
Fluence offers the utility-scale Advancion platform, as well as the C&I Siestorage and a solar-storage hybrid system.

AES and Siemens Kick Off Fluence With Dedicated Financing, Massive Supply Contract

The newly formed venture is poised to snatch away Tesla’s biggest-battery trophy.

by Julian Spector
Policy 0
The state of play for energy policy and politics under Trump.

Energy Policy in Trump’s Washington: Year One

In this week’s Energy Gang podcast, a discussion of where things stand under the Trump administration.

by Stephen Lacey
Energy Storage 0
New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo kicked off 2018 with game-changing news for his state's storage industry.

The Best News Yet for Energy Storage in New York

The governor’s pledge to build 1,500 megawatts of storage by 2025 opens a new chapter in New York’s clean energy history book.

by Julian Spector
Markets & Policy 7
Solar forecasting technologies are an increasingly valuable tool in optimizing the operation of the grid.

DOE Invests $12 Million to Improve Solar Forecasting

The funding round aims to improve grid operators’ ability to predict solar power production and make better use of existing grid infrastructure.

by Justin Gerdes
Manufacturing 16

Panasonic Ramps Up Solar Cell Production as Tesla Starts Making Solar Roofs at Gigafactory 2

Tesla confirms solar tile production began at the Buffalo Gigafactory in December, and the first Solar Roofs are now reaching non-employee homeowners.

by Julia Pyper
12 Charts That Shook the Earth in 2017

12 Charts That Shook the Earth in 2017

Hand-picked graphs that illustrate the latest trends in the global energy transformation.

by Emma Foehringer Merchant |
Policy 55
Federal regulators rejected Rick Perry's plan to support nuclear and coal plants in the name of resiliency.

FERC Rejects Energy Secretary Rick Perry’s Coal and Nuclear Energy Market Bailout Plan

A setback for the Trump administration’s efforts to bail out the coal industry, and a victory for common sense in the power grid.

by Jeff St. John
Electric Vehicles 2
Byton’s long-range electric SUV is jam-packed with the technology CES dreams are made of.

Byton’s New SUV Is the Smart, Electric, Autonomous Vehicle We Want to Believe In

“Next-generation” electric vehicle launches have become standard at CES. Can this Chinese-based startup actually deliver?

by Julia Pyper
Solar-Plus-Storage 34
Xcel Energy brings in the lowest-known bids for solar-plus-storage in the U.S.

Xcel Attracts ‘Unprecedented’ Low Prices for Solar and Wind Paired With Storage

Bid attracts median PV-plus-battery price of $36 per megawatt-hour. Median wind-plus-storage bids came in even lower, at $21 per megawatt-hour.

by Jason Deign
Microgrids 6
Cleanup and electricity restoration efforts in Puerto Rico are ongoing.

Puerto Rico Energy Commission Lays Out Rules for a Future Microgrid Landscape

With power restored for just about half of the island’s residents, regulators look toward a remade grid.

by Emma Foehringer Merchant
State Policy Actions to Watch For in 2018

State Policy Actions to Watch For in 2018

A look at what’s to come for state-level clean energy policy.

by Julia Pyper |
Nuclear 23
The embattled nuclear reactor manufacturer lands a new corporate home.

Bankrupt Westinghouse Finds a Buyer

Brookfield Business Partners will acquire the Toshiba subsidiary that supplied reactors to the Vogtle and V.C. Summer nuclear projects.

by Emma Foehringer Merchant
Energy Storage 0
As with any other DER, delays caused by interconnection roadblocks can interfere with storage project financing and lead to higher costs for customers.
Industry Perspective

A New Frontier: The Interconnection of Energy Storage

Part 8 of IREC’s interconnection series examines how to clear a path for the deployment of energy storage.

by Sky Stanfield, Erica McConnell and Joseph Petta
Energy Efficiency 87
Unchecked bitcoin mining could equal the world's current electricity consumption.
Industry Perspective

Can We Prevent a Global Energy Crisis From Bitcoin Mining?

Some ideas on how to stop bitcoin mining from destroying the planet.

by Tam Hunt
Upcoming Events
We talk to one of the companies re-envisioning Puerto Rico's power grid post-Maria.

Solar-Plus-Storage Can Protect Puerto Rico’s Grid From Future Storms

In this transcript edition, we talk to one of the companies re-envisioning the island’s power grid post-Maria.

by Stephen Lacey |
Residential Solar 3
NV Energy customers will actually see a rate decrease from last week's decision.

Regulators Deny NV Energy’s Rate Increase, Garnering Cheers From Solar Advocates

“Voices of Nevadans have been heard,” the commission said, following two years of solar policy turmoil in the state.

by Julia Pyper
Nuclear 4
The merger would alleviate some rate stress on South Carolina electric customers.

Nuclear Fallout: Scana and Dominion Propose $14.6 Billion Merger

Dominion would swallow the owner of the failed V.C. Summer plant, offering relief to South Carolina ratepayers.

by Emma Foehringer Merchant
Electric Vehicles 8
Beyond the Model 3, Tesla’s overall car deliveries were on target for the fourth quarter and the year.

Tesla Pushes Back Model 3 Manufacturing Forecast, Again

As Model 3 production ramps up, Tesla delays its estimate by another quarter.

by Katie Fehrenbacher
Policy 64
Gov. Andrew Cuomo presented energy plans for New York in the 2018 State of the State address.

Andrew Cuomo Throws Political Weight Behind Offshore Wind and Energy Storage

The governor’s annual State of the State address put forth a bold, but loosely defined, vision for New York’s energy future.

by Emma Foehringer Merchant
Utilities 5
Utility commissioners question whether customers will benefit from the windfall now available to regulated utilities.

Tax Reform Could Mean Lower Bills for Utility Customers

“This is one of those strange situations where rates are precipitously dropping—or at least they should.”

by Emma Foehringer Merchant
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