Will Tesla acquire SolarCity? Yesterday, news broke that Tesla’s board offered to buy SolarCity for roughly $2.5 billion. While shareholders and financial analysts don't seem to like the proposed deal, Elon Musk says it's a pivotal part of his long-term plan. 

This week, we're coming live from GTM's Grid Edge World Forum. We'll debate what an acquisition would mean for both companies -- and whether shareholders will bite.

Then we'll discuss whether the smart home will ever materialize. It's been a difficult decade in the smart home sector. What will it take to turn things around?

And finally, we'll take a sober look at fuel cells. Is there any love or respect for them anymore? Eric Wesoff, GTM's editor-in-chief, gives his bearish take on the future of the fuel cell industry. 

This podcast is sponsored by SolarEdge, a leader of the DC optimizer market and a leading supplier of inverters to the U.S. residential market.