It's hard enough finding a job in the solar industry without the threat of tariffs destroying thousands of jobs.

Even as the Suniva trade case throws solar companies for a loop, the industry staked its claim as the fastest-growing form of power in the world. It’s both a tumultuous and exciting time to be a part of the clean energy industry.

That said, breaking into a field that’s relatively new, heavy on jargon and quick to change can be an intimidating proposition for job seekers both within and outside of the industry. 

A new survey from Greentech Media and the Clean Energy Leadership Institute (CELI) hopes to bring some clarity to how entrepreneurs, solar installers, battery wonks, consultants and anyone else working in clean energy made it to the position they now hold. 

"For the first time, our generation has an opportunity to grow an entire career in the clean energy economy," said Jackie Weidman, executive director at CELI. "But there are so many unanswered questions about career and professional development in this complex and interdisciplinary sector. What degree or certifications are most helpful? What salaries are people making? How can I find the best job-search resources?” 

The survey will gather information about education, skills, networking, culture and community in order to provide resources and advice to people seeking and advancing careers in the field. The findings will also drive coverage on employment issues here at Greentech Media.

What we know about who holds clean energy jobs and how they got there can be pretty sparse.

Few people now entering the workforce had the opportunity to grow up with role models who were working in energy storage or electric cars, to name a few burgeoning sectors. Clean energy jobs are still not a standard track for university career counseling, although such resources are growing. Professional networks are on the rise, too.

“There’s not a lot of data out there,” said Weidman. “We’re planning on using the results to guide people.”

That's where you come in, reader.

Who sponsors the wildest happy hours at Solar Power International? How do you tell a promising technology vendor from a front pushing vaporware? Are the VCs clamoring for that algal biofuel startup you've been dreaming up?

Click the link, share your wisdom.

Click here to take the 15- to 30-minute survey and help the guide coverage of clean energy employment at Greentech Media while offering insights to the next generation of cleantech comrades.