The House passed its tax reform bill yesterday that includes cuts to renewable energy tax credits. The package is already having a chilling effect as developers stall projects because of a potential change to the tax code.

What will happen when the Senate and House try to reconcile their two bills? We'll try to anticipate the political chess match before the pieces move.

Then, we'll take a look at Tesla's newest shiny object: the electric semi-truck. Is this a convenient distraction for Musk as Tesla's financial health worsens? Or yet another master plan step that most of us will never understand until much later?

(Note: we recorded these segments on Thursday afternoon. For more on the House tax bill, read this overview; for a rundown of the new semi-truck, read Julia Pyper's reporting.)

We end the show talking about IEA's latest worries about nuclear shutdowns in Europe. While global emissions rise, renewables may have a hard time filling in the gap.

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