Oregonian: Power Needs of Pot Industry Raise Issues With Energy Dept and Utilities

As Oregon prepares for legal marijuana July 1, the state’s energy agency is looking for ways to curb electricity use by indoor pot growers.

Indoor marijuana gardens are well-known power hogs, but Oregon faces a dilemma as it researches how to extend its energy efficiency programs to the cannabis industry: federal money that typically helps pay for efficiency projects cannot be used for any activities that involve pot.

Washington Examiner: Electric Grid 'Is a Major Target of Cyberattacks,' Says Energy Secretary

Without specifically blaming Iran or other U.S. foes, the Secretary of Energy today confirmed that the vast U.S. electric grid is being hit with an increasing number of cyberattacks from a growing number of enemies.

"The energy infrastructure is a major target of cyberattacks. That is increasing in frequency and perhaps source," said Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz.

His comments at a media roundtable hosted by the Christian Science Monitor follow a department report last week that warned "modern life" would be threatened if the grid went down.

The Hill: Obama’s Energy Chief Sees Common Ground With GOP

Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz said he expects at least some cooperation from congressional Republicans on a handful of administration goals before President Obama’s term expires.

Moniz said he and other administration officials can work productively with congressional Republicans on issues, ranging from a nuclear deal with Iran to funding for energy related programs and climate change.

“I think key members on both sides of the aisle, from my interactions with them, suggest sometimes a skepticism, but even then, an openness to understanding what the deal is,” Moniz said at a Christian Science Monitor event on Monday. “We’re just going to have to finish a deal, get an agreement and explain it clearly to the public and to Congress, and I am convinced that there will be enough people who are willing to be objective.”

Guardian: Fossil Fuel Industry Must Change Profoundly, Says Former Shell Boss

The former chairman of Shell U.K. has argued the entire oil and gas industry needs to “strengthen its voice” in its response to climate change and step up efforts to develop low-carbon technologies.

Writing in BusinessGreen, James Smith, who now serves as chairman of green consultancy Carbon Trust, warns that the increasingly high-profile divestment and “unburnable carbon” campaigns had focused attention on whether oil and gas companies can survive in their current form.

He argues that “if costly climate damage is to be avoided, these companies will have to change profoundly over the next couple of decades,” adding that as such, each oil and gas major needs to develop its “own low-carbon product strategy."

NHPR: SolarCity Is Moving Into New Hampshire

The biggest residential solar company in the country is coming to New Hampshire.

SolarCity, which in 2014 installed 40 percent of all solar panels nationwide, is the fastest-growing solar company in the nation. Its sales have doubled every year since 2010, to the point where last year it installed solar panels on 100,000 homes.